CLUBUL CMIC – Dec. 2017

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Happy New Year – 2018 !


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CMIC = Cei mai interesati cititori ai acestui site

“Somewhere someone is looking for exactly what you have to offer” Louise L. HAY

Asa cum am anuntat, in prima sãptãmânã a fiecãrei luni, vom prezenta o listã cu primele 6 tãri  pt. care acest site a constituit ( in luna abia incheiatã )  o anumitã prioritate, fapt deosebit de stimulativ pt. noi, cei din Evanston.

  1. UNITED STATES   7408 points

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2. ROMANIA  3415  points

Image result for monumente romania

 3. UKRAINE  980  points

Related image

4.    China

5.    France

6.    India


New Holism vã multumeste cordial  si vã dã intâlnire pe  lista de remarcati a lunii viitoare : 01 Feb. 2018

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