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Imaginea saptamanii : Deep DEPRESSIOOON. Dr. Mark Stengler on depression …in broad sense

Posted by on Wednesday, 18 October, 2017

Dr.  Mark STENGLER :

” Depression isn’t just a mood problem

      It’s a condition with very real physical effects inside the body, causing your inflammation levels to jump off the charts. That, in turn, can increase the risk of chronic and deadly conditions including heart disease and heart attack.

It’s time to take depression as seriously as a heart problem because — clearly — it IS just as serious as a heart problem. And if you take action now, you can bring your risk back down, as the same new study finds the odds of an early death fade rapidly once the depression is gone.

There is a downside here, and that’s what happens when you ask a doctor for “help.”

Most of them will give you meds — many of which don’t work as well as advertised, and almost all of which come with risks of their own.

Some have even been linked to heart problems, especially in women.

There’s a better way.

If you’re struggling with life’s ups and downs, don’t keep it inside. Let your loved ones in — so they have a chance to support you — and never be afraid to turn to the one person who loves you most: God.

Prayer has incredible healing powers, especially when it comes to mood disorders.

In some cases, however, depression isn’t caused by life’s rough spots… but is a warning sign of a deeper underlying issue such as hormonal imbalances. Speak to a holistic doctor who can test your levels and bring you to where you need to be naturally.

God bless “

   Thanks a lot, Mark! I agree  100 % . Come again ! Florin


Depresia XXI – lacrimile Planetei

Photo  Courtesy: Alexandra FELECAN

        Super, Alex ! Thanks, N. H. 


Posted by on Saturday, 7 October, 2017

” Dacã dragoste  nu e , nimic nu e…” – Marin Preda

Photo Manipulations by Erik Johansson 12

  Photo Courtesy: Erik JOHANSSON  – Sweden


Traditional – si  in America de azi de asemenea – lucrul = the thing s-a aflat in  centrul existentei.

Americanii au fost , de departe , cei mai performanti in acest domeniu si asta i-a costat enorm in toate celelalte

planuri – nepragmatice  – ale  vietii , reduse asimptomatic  dar ferm la falsuri  profund dezumanizante : flori de plastic,

femei de plastic , suflete de plastic…

Poate cea mai semnificativã consecintã a promovarii desantate a unui pragmatism neatenuat o constituie

 de-spiritualizarea  sistematicã – premisã devastatoare pt. autenticitatea  fiintei / fiintarii,

prefatându-se  astfel  robotizarea  ( programatã, generalizatã ) a societãtii  = plastic society.

Dansul robotilor – Courtesy ZV-ro


Cititi cu atentie pasajul urmãtor  – un semnal de alarmã  lucid datorat unei americance autentice – Marianne WILLIAMSON :

       ” We were taught that  things like  grades, money, doing things the right way, are more important than love.

Love  is the essential existential  fact. It is our ultimate reality and our purpose on earth. Is the meaning of life.

Attention : pledoaria  intru totul justificatã a Mariannei pt. love  nu trebuie  abordatã reductionist ( sexist  ) : love in broad sense  se impune progresiv ca o cerintã  sine qua non pt. societatea contemporanã , devitalizatã,sterilizatã ,subordonatã neconditionat  profitului ( maxim ! ) /computerelor / robotilor. Spre exemplu , in timpul vizitelor recente  in România am constatat cu  disperare , repet : cu disperare , diminuarea (vanishing ) aproape generalizatã a dragostei de tarã... Care tarã??





























Clubul CMIC

Posted by on Sunday, 1 October, 2017
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CLUBUL CMIC 01 oct., 2017

Posted by  on  01 oct., 2017

CMIC = Cei mai interesati cititori ai acestui site

“Somewhere someone is looking for exactly what you have to offer” Louise L. HAY

Asa cum am anuntat, in prima saptamana a fiecarei luni, vom prezenta o lista cu primele 6 tari  pt. care acest site a constituit ( in luna abia incheiata )  o anumita prioritate, fapt deosebit de stimulativ pt. noi, cei din Evanston.

  1. UNITED STATES  8305 points

Image result for statue of liberty

2. ROMANIA  3257 points

Image result for monumente romania


3. CHINA  887 points

Image result for yin-yang definition

4. UKRAINE  827 points

5.  FRANCE 745 points

6. THAILAND  627 points


New Holism vä multumeste cordial  si vā dã intâlnire pe lista de remarcati a lunii viitoare – 01 nov. 2017.