FIRST AMERICAN REVELATION by Florin Felecan – Evanston

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D.C.America- 1997 to me : You are wise , educated, useless…Move it anyway!

American flag flying with bright blue sky next to capitol dome and freedom statue in Washington, D.C.

 America welcomed me  with the indifference  of a rich aunt

Irritated  by the heroic poverty of  her nephews

And in the middle of  those indecent  richness

Outraged , I took a moment of meditation

( Meditation , here, is an extremely expensive thing ):

I looked at the  Statue of Liberty, in her mineral eyes

And I asked her to decide:

                Liberty or Indifference ?

Like a modern , respectable  Sphynks

She told me in an one-way  manner : Move!

( Lateness is an also expensive thing )

In this ( D.C. ) America

You cannot be late in a prolonged childhood

You cannot be late in a pursuit of happiness

 You must mineralize yourself with the first occasion .

In this speedy America  for each question  there is a  statue

The most personalized  answer to my questions

Came from a statue  with an inferior  rank:

” You are  wise, educated, useless. Move it anyway!”

Then my first American revelation came:

All this bursting speed  for a single reason, only one

Not to care because your questions shall remain

Definitely unanswered.


P.S. Enters Donald ( wisely ! ) and… Deep State = first,

         cf  Bill Bonner’s Diary, 22 Aug. 

              Has Bill’s vision been affected by the eclipse ?


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