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CLUBUL CMIC  1-30 June 2017

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CMIC = Cei mai interesati cititori ai acestui site

“Somewhere someone is looking for exactly what you have to offer”

 Louise L. HAY

Asa cum am anuntat, in prima saptamana a fiecarei luni, vom prezenta o lista cu primele 6 tari  pt. care acest site a constituit ( in luna abia incheiata )  o anumita prioritate, fapt deosebit de stimulativ pt. noi, cei din Evanston.

  1. UNITED STATES  10.124 points !!

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 2. ROMANIA  3920  points !

 3. RUSSIAN  FED. 3425 points

4.  CHINA 888 points

5.  UKRAINE  882 points

6.   FRANCE  700 points


Our distinction , over 500 points: NONE


New Holism vã multumeste cordial  si vā dã intâlnire pe

lista de remarcati a lunii viitoare – 1 August

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