Commercial Bread XXI

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      Bread was ( still is ? ) the staff of Life

From: PRINTLY (America’s Top News Site )

People waiting outside a bakery, hoping that they will manage to buy some bread. (Venezuela )

Avoid the C-bread!

Daily Mirror  (6 ian.2017 ):

In sixties , scientists made some changes in wheat genes to increase the yield. Because of this , modern  wheat is  much less nutritious and it may even cause health problems…, so the best solution may be to avoid  bread in general.

Bonjour, Paris :

A la faim, il n ‘y a pas  de mauvais pain.

Chasser le naturel par la porte , il revient par la fenétre .


Laurie NEVERMAN “Never buy bread again” ( book ):

Ingredienti nenecesari  prezenti in  commercial recipe :

–  sulfat ferous

   –  HFCS ( up to 22 %!)

   –  Soy bean oil

    –  Soy flour

    –  Calcium oxide

    –  Calcium propionat….

  Hello, Laurie!



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