Einstein ( and conventional physics ) vs absolute individualization /actualization. How the actualization is attuned by the ether XXI

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There is no such thing as an object in absolute isolation.

Every thing is interconnected and integrated

in all encompassing whole, which is the whole universe”.

Alfred KORZYBSKI [1]


The XXI actualization / individuality – in broad, non-Cartesian sense- is attuned by the contribution of the entire Universe ( via the ether and absolute simultaneity) and not only by one collisional point on the screen nor a local and/or regional trajectory.

The present paper aims to be a contribution to the development of a new conceptual, non-Cartesian frame being primarily dedicated to the elaboration of a new category of physical absolute individuality.

Non-Cartesian perspective and new / in broad sense astrology

Other significant, correlative aspects are also covered :

the loss of fundamentality of some models/concepts/criteria traditionally formulated from the position of a local realism such as:

“either /or“ logic ( one important conceptual obstacle toward promotion of XXI continuity );

  • the abstract / metaphysical models of the ether in Einstein’s and Lorentz’s perspective (our opinion being that “ Back to Lorentz” urge of some contemporary authors is hard to accept being clearly counterproductive from the standpoint of authenticity XXI , see the Section 7 ).

Moreover, I have tried to answer some crucial questions that the great XX physicists have left them unsolved or partially solved such as:

  • what is really vibrating / propagating in Schrodinger equation?
  • when /where/ how is actualization of the events being produced ?
  • why the conclusions of the Eddington experiment from 1919 concerning “bending of light “ around the Sun cannot be extended tale-quale on space and time?
  • Heisenberg’s principle – why its loss of fundamentality is mainly due to the new, attuned individuality?
  • Why the simplistic combinations ( with or without some stipulative exclusions ) between space and time and especially between space and ether are methodologically unacceptable ?



1.The main effort of the XXI methodology: transition from “in itself” to “attuned” models

2. About the specific of transition from Cartesian to Non-Cartesian ( C / NC ) methodology.

Three revelations:

a. Einstein without a doubt was lacking a genuine ( Non-Cartesian ) Whole / Wholeness

b. The Einsteinian theoretical contribution to the physics XX – revolution or reform ?

c. The most important conceptual confusions of C / NC transition:

  • real vs potential fields: light and space ( time,…) do they have the same physical essence?
  • space vs ether; is the ether disappearing Mr. Cahill ?

3.Time or timing? Time is not timing , of course, but attention : this is just a partial , unsatisfactory truth . The new XXI temporality: from time – observable to time – beable. Time rather than the space is formative by changing the states’ probabilities through acceleration / deceleration.

4. Existential Dogma (ED). Our ethereal scheme of electron actualization. What is propagated in Schrodinger equation? Physical individuality as objective wave function against Einsteinian conventional ( “ one like many ” ) statistical approach.

5. Re-establishing the genuine inseparability = re-connection with the universe. Physics XXI and Asttrology. Non-Cartesian perspective and the genuine synchronicity: why the conventional concept “ synchronicity = “ a bridge between matter and mind “ is incompatible with contemporary methodology. The complexity revolution and attunement principle require a new / in broad sense astrology.

6. Many….methodological thanks ( revised version ). When / where / how an event becomes actual. The unique role of the unconventional existential couple vacuum / ether. About minors.

7. Ether and physical individuality in perspective XX / XXI : Einstein vs Lorentz . Back to Lorentz ?

8. Concluding remarks


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