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Daca nivelul cholesterolului nu mai e o problema ( n-a fost niciodatã ! )


STATINS = the biggest medical  fraud XX !

chickPhoto: Werner Pokutta ( Great idea, Werner! Thanks, Florin )

1.  Câteva mãrturii preliminare

Dr. George MANN ( Leader of the FRAMINGHAM Heart Study ) on the heart disease myth:

” it’s the greatest scam in the history of medicine. ” ( Sa nu-si inchipuie cineva ca eu  consider ” FHS”  o culme a…autenticitatii stiintifice!  Acest studiu – totusi nu lipsit de unele merite – a  contribuit la promovarea unei redutabile derute conceptual – metodologice  in medicina / nutritia XX, deruta  care a costat efectiv vietile a mii si, poate , milioane de  oameni nevinovati. In opinia mea, cea mai importanta eroare  a FHS a  constituit-o indistinctia programata dintre colesterolul  bun ( HDL ) si LDL ( colesterolul ” rãu ” ).

Dr. William C. DOUGLAS :

“LOW CHOLESTEROL ( ≤ 200 mg / dL )  can be MUCH DEADLIER than high cholesterol .”


Dr. Al  SEARS  ( art. ” Why Big Pharma killed President Eisenhower ” ):

” The CoQ10 – Statin  Conspiracy

 The drug company Merck found in internal studies that its statin drugs depleted CoQ10 levels. So

what did they do ? They invented a CoQ10 – statin combo drug, patented it, and locked it away so it would never reach the market. Incredible, right? “

Dr. David  WILLIAMS : ” My point  isn’t simply that statin drugs  are unnecessary and dangerous.

It’s way beyond that-they are  insane because low cholesterol kills.

EXPRESS ( Oct.23, 2013, art. by Jo WILEY ):

Eating fat is good for you: Doctors change their minds after 40 years.


After 40 years of cutting fat from our diet doctors may now be turning their advice on its headCourtesy: GETTY

Cardiologist Dr. Aseem  MALHOTRA ( London ) says:

the obssession  with a low fat diet has ” paradoxically increased “ the risk of  heart disease.

C.B.ALLAN, and  W. LUTZ  ( Life Without Bread, 2000 , pp 101/2):

“We have heard from  many people that their doctors tell them that  a low carbohydrate, high fat diet

causes a huge increase in cholesterol. Most likely these doctors do not have scientific evidence that this is true.

They probably (…)  are being misled by pharmaceutical sales representatives who are pushing  their cholesterol -lowering drugs.”

Despre toxicitatea ( ne-imediata ) a statinelor

 Dr. Uffe RAVNSKOV  ( The Cholesterol Myths, 2014, p. 142/3 ):

” The statins are not directly toxic …The statins disturb  the normal synthesis  of several important

substances in our body. It may therefore  take a  long time before  these substances are totally depleted

and symptoms of deficiency appear “

“It is comforting  to learn that many patients  realize themselves that the statins  are toxic. In Ontario- Canada

researchers studied  how many people had continued their statin treatment. A total of more than 140.000 old

people were included in the investigation. Two years after the first statin prescription two third of those who

already had  a heart disease,  and  three fourth  of those  whose only “disease”  was high cholesterol had discontinued.


2.  French Paradox vs Statin ” Theory”





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