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TIMING: who establishes the rules of the game? Attention, Olivia Newton – John!


” Our ” clock” started with our first cry and it will inevitably stop when the predetermined point is attained. “

Alexandra FELECAN

The modern science – with its guilty preference for homogenization and statistical averaging – has extremely de-individualized the studied systems including the human being. The time itself was considered in modern physics, from Galileo to Einstein, as an outsider that can be neglected or annexed to the space, this way becoming a 2nd degree annex of the real. The reduction of genuine temporality to a simple parameter (Cartesian duration, measured by clock) was made possible because the stable systems were  at the center of the modern knowledge, and correlatively, because the potential-possible has traditionally treated as an empty category void of any physical content. Both aspects may be approximately expressed ( or rather  hidden ! ) through time curvature t = 1 ( for details see the section “Time in Broad Sense. The Spiritual Essence of Time” on this blog ). From this realist- local approach some individual / social indifference / neutrality toward time has resulted; the readers of this site will probably be surprised to learn that in our personal  life problems (including or especially the ones of life or death) almost always somebody else made the final decisions, moreover this decision transfer was not based on solid theoretical elaborations but rather on some volatile working hypotheses belonging to …some unknown or extremely  controversial authors (consider, for instance ,  the Pasteur – vaccination  fragile connection ).

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My daughter – ALEX

Just in the last decades within the so-called nonlinear rationality (centered on unstable systems) the situation has radically changed at least at expert level, recognizing that time has a generative fundamentality which places it somewhere above the real and the ergonic / local spatiality too. Indeed correlative with the change of the ontological status of potential – possible (the physical support of the active temporality) presently more and more researchers agree that time is equally a creating and destroying existential factor. Most of us have been caught on the wrong foot by this sensational conceptual mutation, since it is still difficult for us to attribute time the status of a live entity, sometimes extremely active (when its local curvature ” t ” suddenly becomes ten, hundred, thousand times higher than its usual value) and therefore we are still accustomed to treat temporality as a neutral, 2nd rate entity assigning in a simplistic, inertial and especially risky  manner, some aberrant rules inspired by a realist Euclidian spatiality: indeed, what normal person would feel the same if he/she was holding a potato or …a grenade in his/her hand?

This pocket medicine (5) episode aims to draw attention on some of these temporal over-simplifications, frequently found in the quotidian, trivial facts as well as in the area of destinal / fated facts, in the last case theatemporal attitude “ being often paid with the loss of life.

5.1 Kinetic details…to remember


  • Decisions either / or

Avoid the concomitant ingestion of vitamin C (citrus fruits) and antioxidant teas (green, white, black), otherwise you will directly contribute to the formation of aluminum ascorbate / citrate easily absorbed by the brain increasing Alzheimer’s disease risk.

The simultaneous ingestion of calcium (diet or supplements) and fats is counterindicated because of insoluble calcium salts formation, canceling the metabolic contribution of both nutrients .

Coffee or…testosterone? The…volatile sexuality: men  especially  have to remember an essential fact: cortisol produced by stress, as well as by caffeine ( a stressor too ! ), is a powerful antagonist of testosterone. The more often you need a normal level of testosterone the less frequent coffee consumption should be ( though the complete elimination of coffee is not my suggestion).

  • Lifestyle

Pay attention to the following temporal correlations: during the day we become diabetics and obese through the series of states: hyperglycemia → hyperinsulinemia → hypoglycemia …during the night we become osteoporotic and arthritic through hypocalcemia and PTH (para thyroid hormone) mechanism activation.

Do not forget the specific speed of metabolic processes: while the ingested calcium absorption lasts about 2 hours, the activation of  PTH secretion /mechanism  (through which calcium is extracted from the bones to keep a constant, optimum pH of the blood : 7,35 – 7,45 ), is a lot faster: about 10 minutes. Therefore it is possible to take a calcium supplement in the evening and  concomitantly activate the PTH secretion for about 2 hours! It is recommended to choose an easily absorbable calcium form.

Winter is different than summer! Along season succession a 1st class housewife will have to guide the nutrition of the entire family according to the Metabolic Typing requirements: during winter we should become to some extent Eskimos (or fast oxidizers) preferentially consuming proteins and fats while during summer we should stress the slow oxidizer profile centered on vegetables and complex carbohydrates.

  • Durations worth remembering and obey:

The need for antioxidants and blood optimizing agents  being a permanent one it is recommended to avoid the uncovered situations taking in account that:

Vitamin C stays ( is active )  in the bloodstream about 6 hours

Nattokinase is active for 4-8 hours

Catechines from teas ( green, white, black ) remain active in the bloodstream for about 5 hours therefore you will need about 4 cups a day for around the clock coverage.

EDTA stays in the bloodstream for about 24 hours (therefore it does not make sense to overlap oral doses).

  • Some regular kinetic indexes:

Glycemic index: measures how fast the glucose is transferred into the bloodstream or how fast the insulin is mobilized from pancreas; examples: refined carbohydrates = 10 -15 minutes; complex carbohydrates = 30 100 minutes.

Metabolic Type: measures the kinetic (speed) of cellular oxidation (conf. Dr. G. Watson).

5.2 Feminity in danger! How efficient is estrogen treatment?


“ In erotism’s equation a better lifestyle has strongly intervened, the biological wear is less visible while the new medical means (from Viagra to silicon, from plastic / aesthetic surgery to estrogen treatment), have succeeded in prolonging the youth and vital energies.” Florin TUDOSE, Romanian psychologist

Even though feminity can be compromised at any age (following the establishment of a hormonal imbalance in the system), in the following I will especially refer to the so-called “second femininity which takes place after 45 years a little before the menopause (pM) and particularly after menopause (PM = after 50 years) when the still great reserves of intimacy, tenderness, comprehension and superior social involvement of the women are threatened by an almost compact group of symptoms essentially generated by the new “hormonal strategy” of an organism that has integrally lost any interest in reproductive function.  This cluster of symptoms involves: hot flashes; vaginal dryness and correlatively the loss / attenuation of the sexual drive; depression; high cholesterol; osteoporosis; hypoglycemia; thyroid dysfunction; water retention; yeast infections, etc. It is considered that the presence of 2-3 of these symptoms is a sure sign that “estrogen dominance “ has installed in the organism; this special, relative  excessive estrogen ( “excessive” means unbalanced in rapport with the more radical progesterone deficiency! ) becomes toxic, potentially promoting the breast cancer. Is it still possible to re-normalize the hormonal status or everything is just a nature’s superficiality which women will have to regard it as destiny? To complicate matter even more it is worth mentioning that the majority of women of this age ( PM), have also underactive adrenals, respectively copper (and calcium too) intracellular overload, leading to a major deregulation of mineral metabolism and correlatively to a suboptimal enzyme activity. This complex metabolic situation can still be controlled through estrogen treatment, even I would suggest trying to activate the adrenals first since this way the hormonal treatment itself may be proven unnecessary. There is not one but at least three ways to preserve this fascinating “ second femininity ” , with performances and risks totally different; it is well indicated to study them closer because   we are dealing with a mined field of a mega-business where confusion and disinformation are deliberately practiced.

1. Conventional HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy)

Having a multi decade history this method consists in the administration of non-human hormones (animal or synthetic source): Premarin (an estrogenic type component) and Provera (a progesterone type component). Several years ago this procedure was the object of an extensive study named WHI (Women Health Initiative) which concluded that in the case of PM women, while providing some minor benefits, it increases (with about 0.4 % per year) the rate of breast cancer considering that the method is clearly risky on long term and dubious on short term. To note that all the PM women who have adopted this procedure, have received an identical dose of Premarin without some preliminary testing of their individual hormonal levels. Moreover Provera not being a genuine progesterone cannot achieve its regulatory function toward estrogen while, at the same time, it exhibits the typical side effects of a drug. It is self-implied that the above mentioned treatments were deliberately accomplished  with structurally modified hormones, this being the only way through which the pharmaceutical companies can reap huge profits; unfortunately (or not?) such new structures – patented or not – are not recognized by enzymes, leading to their toxic accumulation.

2. Natural HRT (using bioidentical hormones of vegetable nature)

The predominant negative results obtained by the conventional HRT have been tendentiously popularized using the following terms: estrogen treatments are risky because they lead to breast cancer. This formulation created / amplificated the fear toward “carcinogenic estrogen”, many of the women choosing the discomfort of hot flushes, etc. considering that menopause is just a transitional period. The reality is that the “estrogen” term covers an entire group of numerous metabolites each and every one of them having distinct hormonal and carcinogenic properties. For example from the three commonly produced hormones of the human organism (estrone E1, estradiol E2 and estriol E3) the most active of the series (under both mentioned aspects) is E2, the least active being E3 (estriol). Based on this distinction, the  alternative doctors became interested to elaborate a new, natural HRT procedure using hormones E1, E2 and especially E3, all having a vegetable provenience characterized by an identical structure with human hormones. In this procedure a key role is reserved to estriol which according to alternative doctors does not have carcinogenic effects (moreover, some researchers assert that estriol contributes to prevention of cancer). Recent studies realized with a mix of bio-identical hormones, and equally with simple estriol, have confirmed their efficiency in regards to PM symptoms without showing the over stimulative  properties specific to estradiol. Why then conventional doctors avoid promoting the estriol,often incriminated by them as being carginogenic too? The explanation is simple: being a natural derivative,  estriol cannot be patented, consequently being unable to promise great financial rewards.


Safety aspects of estriol usage


  • Japanese study: the results of a recent study effectuated in Japan with a group of 53 PM women, who have taken 2mg E3 daily for 12 months were clearly positive: at the end of the 12 months the researchers have established using ultrasound method that none of the women displayed any breast problems while 85% of women reported significantly improved PM symptoms. The conclusion of the Japanese study: estriol constitute a safe and efficient method to control PM symptoms.
  • Israeli study: how does E3 prevent breast cancer?

The Israeli researchers have discovered that E3 controls the pro-carcinogenic tendencies of E2 through competitive absorption mechanism: estriol blocks the estrogen receptors proportionally with its relative concentration, thus reducing the absorption on these receptors of the E2 (which is always in minority). This mechanism is similar to tamoxifen action, some unconventional researchers even admitting that E3 might be even more efficient than tamoxifen.

“Less estriol, more cancer” hypothesis and EQ (estrogen quotient)


Dr. J.V. Wright has brought to attention a very interesting fact in this area of “second femininity”: becomes actual again the work of Dr. Henry LEMON dedicated to the role of E3 in anti cancer protection of pM and PM women. Analyzing the individual levels of estrogen (E1, E2, E3) Dr. Lemon has established the following equation:

EQ = E3 / (E1 + E2)


which can easily be interpreted: if E3 is low then the breast cancer risk is high: in other words the higher is EQ the better it is or less estriol more cancer. In the case of 34 women without any signs of breast cancer the average of EQ was: 1.3 before menopause and 1.2 after menopause; for other 24 women already having breast cancer the average EQ values were respectively 0.5 and 0.6.

Dr. Lemon went even further trying to use the estriol in the breast cancer treatment itself: he asked a group of women having inoperable breast cancer to take high quantities of E3. At the end of the study 40% of the patients reported cancer in remission. The high amounts of estriol used in this experiment are not outrageous if we keep in mind that during pregnancy the E3 level is exponentially increased up to 1,000 times and more without any toxic effects.

Some additional precautions:

  • It is recommended to administer E3 not orally but rather topical (transdermic).
  • Balancing with natural progesterone of E3 is also strongly recommended.
  • Some researchers consider that E3 protects better the uterus if taken in a single daily dose.
  • Keeping in mind that estriol remains active (in the bloodstream) between 4-60 minutes, an efficient coverage might involve multiple doses. Pay attention to the level of estrogens: due to fluctuations the representative sample should be collected during a 24 hour period.



3. Boron against hot flashes (HF)


There are many types of HF (HF1, HF2, etc.). Type HF1 is by far the most important being based on a drastic estrogen deficiency (going as far as 90% than normal level). The main symptom (hotness) results from the prostaglandins imbalance: while  prostaglandins 2 (predominant) are pro-inflammatory the  prostaglandins 1  are anti-inflammatory. To normalize the estrogen level (high enough to prevent osteoporosis) the patients can choose between the two estrogen treatments above mentioned and the boron procedure with virtually no cancer risk. To maintain an acceptable level of the steroid hormone synthesis (especially estrogen) the adrenal glands (activated) need 3-6mg boron daily and vitamin B5 under the form of calcium pantothenate. Also it is necessary to take two vital minerals: calcium (500mg daily) and magnesium (about 150mg daily).

My personal preferences for these three methods just presented:

1. 0% (being commercial, the method aims maximum profit and not the health of the patients. Susceptible of some improvements but until then…

2. 45% (estriol deserves our trust; the downside of this procedure is its extrinsic character: something from outside is being added sometimes without systematic analyses, etc.).

3. 55% : the boron procedure is an intrinsic one, centered on metabolic regulation improvement including the activation of adrenals therefore a rejuvenation of the entire endocrine / energetic system reaching objectives found well beyond hot flashes and co.

CAUTION: keeping in mind that hormones are substances with high biological activity it is persistently recommended that the information contained on this site to be taken not as a direct, medical advice but rather as an alternative source of suggestions for you and your personal doctor.


5.3 Breast Cancer – an ample battle for time re-evaluation: time is money vs. TIME IS LIFE!

In the past years in the breast cancer area, guarded with a very aggressive vigilance by persons and institutions tied together by great financial gains to the mammography industry, there is an  inexpiable war, in play being both the multi-billion dollar stake and the restatement of a unwritten but un-negotiable rule – the winner takes all. Until recently, backed by the American Medical Establishment: NCI (National Cancer Instititute) and ACS (American Cancer Society) along with the huge chemical pharmaceutical companies (DuPont, Eastman Kodak, Piker, …) as well as the media, the authoritative leader in this confrontation was mammography who successfully defended its hegemony, imposing the main rules of the game. After the publishing in the prestigious journal “Archives of Internal Medicine” in Nov. 2008, editor: Rita F. Redberg MD, MSC of the now famous “ Norvegian Study ” titled “The Natural History of Invasive Breast Cancer Detected by Screening  Mammography”, something important has happened making possible a promising transition which in my personal perception could be described as the following: the change from ” The dogs bark, the caravan goes by ” to “ the caravan stops and gets ready to battle ”. Good sign even though not consistently enough. Anyway in this unforgiving fight between the armies of “money” and “life” the victory must finally rest with life. How long will this “ finally ” be, depends in great part on the persistence of “atemporal” attitude of the millions involved women, who likewise Olivia Newton-John have taken as intangible the light medical arguments generously provided by mammographists, literally assaulting their screening centers as well as their conventional clinics. Moreover from the special position of a survivor in the battle against cancer, O. N.-J. has faithfully taken and  publicly promoted for years now, the main ideas of mammography industry, convincingly asserting that: the concept of remission in breast cancer is a negative one; the early mammography detection followed by a conventional treatment just as hasty would represent the most direct / short way toward efficient cancer control. The above mentioned  Norvegian study due to first-class specialists (medical doctors and PhD) as well as other prestigious commentators (not necessarily some alternative doctors !) highlight a shocking truth that all ideas / concepts just mentioned represent  as many mystifications meant not to control the cancer but rather…the money. In the following I will shortly expose the multiple facetes of this truth hoping that the readers of this blog would be better informed about the essence of this battle for time re-evaluation and would personally take decisions according to their real, profound interests. For now for all those wanting to integrally read the Norvegian study I will provide the necessary data: “ The Natural History of Invasive Breast Cancer Detected by Screening Mammography”, authors: Per- Henrik Zahl, MD, PhD; Jan Maehlen, MD, PhD; H. Gilbert Welch, MD, MPH-Arch Intern Med. 2008: 18 (21): 2311 -2316.

Spontaneous remission – a positive concept !

In contrast with other cancers (renal, melanoma for example) whose spontaneous remissions are well established in the case of breast invasive cancer such developments constitute a real surprise while their hypothetical proportion (about 20% of the total!) is nothing less than incredible. This explains why the Norvegian study is still considered “ highly controversial ”. This study, a truly ingenious natural experiment, re-establishes a simple truth that modern medicine has mostly forgotten: healing does not belong to the doctors or drugs power but comes from within, the organism with its (traditionally ignored /undervalued ) resources being the true healing vector. In Norway they selected two women groups of comparable ages (50-64 years) that received during 6 consecutive years two different patterns of mammography screening: group MS (multiple screening = 3 ) and control group SS (a final single screening). During those 6 years the cumulative incidence of invasive breast cancer was totally different: 1,909  in MS group in comparison with 1, 564 in control group, both figures being referred to 100,000 women.

The interpretation given by its authors: the clear difference between those two groups suggests that some invasive breast cancer is spontaneously resolved and in a greater proportion, much above the most optimistic expectations. In other words: 20% of the MS women have received non-necessary (maybe some lethal!) treatment since their tumors would have disappeared on their own. If this is true then, keeping in mind that this situation is repeated year by year, day by day and not just in Norway, it is almost impossible to overlook how many beloved women were needlessly tormented or even lost their life, due to a guilty prejudice expressed with academic neutrality: “ the spontaneous remission is a negative concept ”. Evidently for us all much more important than the retroactive regret is to understand the new situation and to ask ourselves what it needs to be done so these fabulous spontaneous percentages (20) to become 30,40,…?

Here are some of my suggestions:

  • A probable explanation for the spontaneous remission is some surprising regeneration of the immune system of which initial depression was due to some excessive, prolonged stress. Indeed there is known that cortisol excess in the system determines: the immune system depression (an open door for cancer); exhaustion of adrenal and thyroid glands; deregulation of mineral and general metabolism; IR (insulin resistance), etc. Therefore at the first sign of structural / functional abnormalities of the breasts (lumps, etc) the first thing to remember is not …mammography but rather a serious, objective analysis of the major stress sources from the personal life and their prompt elimination. The breasts represent the spiritual antennas in the complex sometime destructive relationship with the surrounding world, their message must be carefully received and acted accordingly going past vanities and false-prides, etc.
  • Since not all tumors are susceptible to spontaneous remissions it is extremely important to establish the tumor type aggressive or potential regressive. In the case of aggressive tumors it is possible to use any strong procedure including mammography, chemotherapy, etc. How can we know what kind of tumor we have? My suggestion:
  1. periodically check your hormonal levels (in the saliva) with a well reputed laboratory. Based on the proportion between estriol / estradiol it is possible to make pertinent estimations concerning potential tumor evolution:  see Pocket Medicine 5.2 (Dr. Lemon’s hypothesis) and consequently conclude: higher EQ equals a better control of the tumor by the immune system
  2. high tech sonograms can also be utilized in establishing the tumor’s aggressivity measuring the local alteration of blood flow: a tumor with low flow points to a static, diminishing condition.



Nobody is expert in “non-Einsteinian physics”. Especially…Einstein!


A ” competent  and careful ” reader  ( signed A.M. )  of this blog considered absolutely unacceptable my style / method in which I deal with time and special relativity theory of Einstein, requesting that in the future I should make a clear distinction between a theory unanimously accepted by the scientific community and the plethora of hypotheses – more or less fantasist – for the exclusive delight of non-expert readers. I thank A.M. for his attention but at the same time I invite him to reconsider his own methodological position, which, in my opinion, is revolute and confusing. Firstly I want to note that we are situated on different logical platforms: he is practicing a Cartesian logic “either / or “ while I promote a new,  syntegrative logic: “ both / and ” which evidently does not ignore the Cartesian one but rather generalizes it considering it a particular case.

Generally speaking becomes more and more evident that Einsteinian physics is a particular physics limited to the stable systems and relatively integrable = without defining inter-system interactions / resonances; not randomly, Einstein found himself at home within the world of Leibnizian monads. A word of caution though: under a more subtle analysis the just mentioned monads do open – through mirroring – toward nonlocality and inseparability. If the monads have done it, would not be the right time for A.M…. too?

The defining methodology of Einstein ( local realism )  is being incompatible with the major developments from contemporary physics to which nonlocality and inseparability represent some sine qua non referentials. Also, Einsteinian reason / rationality is a linear analytical one whilst the contemporary knowledge – centered on unstable systems – is based on a new nonlinear reason / rationality (I mention that the non-traditional concept of “ nonlinear rationality ” has been formally introduced by me at the World Congress of Philosophy of Science held in Uppsala, Sweden 1991). I do not contradict the ( local )  validity  of special relativity but I assert in a firm manner: locality is just a particular case of nonlocality just as well as the actual /real is just a subsystem of potentiality, therefore in this different area of physics, time curvature = 1 and correlatively the entire Einsteinian physical conception has to give way to some new, generalized developments (other concepts, other theories, other methodological principles. See “About Us on this site). Both new physics and  logic (  with its continuity rule : ” both / and  ” )  consider  locality, stability, linearity and linear rationality,  etc.  just empirical useful referentials or some first approximation concepts / models: every ” local / localized”  system presents, in some degree , a reminiscent, irreducible  nonlocality , etc. To the A.M.’s  ironical question “ and other formulas too? ” I have no other answer but “ why not ” being very probable that in the all traditional physics formulas, for which stability was implicitly admitted and correlatively  certain coefficients had values = 1 (without appearing in the equations), whether and where the instability becomes decisive we will have the need for new coefficients ( or  functions ) higher or lower than 1.

Finally, I  want to underline – time and again – the extraordinary fact that after 1960 the entire scientific knowledge detached from the traditional horizon penetrating into a new horizon organized on totally different methodological basis – the horizon of complex dynamic systems. In this new, non-Einsteinian universe, Einstein has halted himself somewhere at the entrance, reacting as a distinguished but disoriented guest.

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