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Pocket Medicine (2): Calcium story – from intake experts to metabolic experts

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Some Critical Calcium Metabolism…Secrets

At my arrival in America (1997) I have met with an interesting situation apparently paradoxical: 90% of the Americans suffer from calcium excess while 80-90% (so in great part are pretty much the same group) exhibit calcium…deficiency. No paradox: it is possible due to a deviated metabolism ( due to stress ) to have intracellular  and / or serum calcium deficiency (ionized, soluble Ca i) and at the same time intracellular calcium excess ( bound / chelated calcium: Ca b). A great error would be now to treat the functional / ionized calcium deficiency through ( eventually toxic!) supplementation with calcium virtually ignoring the intracellular calcium deposit. However the so-called “ intake experts ” ( most of American experts are ”  intake experts “, with their very limited competence : take this , take that) are inertially following this scheme, sometime temporary improving the symptoms while aggravating the cause itself; unfortunately this Cartesian scheme is even presently applied contributing to the deterioration of mineral homeostasis and equally to the progressive amplification of slow oxidizer condition. It is then surprising that 80-90 % of the American population is characterized by underactive adrenals (the equivalent of slow oxidizer condition)? Here acts a simple  mathematical rule : in  any Western society the  percent of slow oxidizers is  proportional to the number / activity of  intake experts. Obviously, this is the methodological price paid for the long, long prevalence  of a Cartesian  simplistic / additivist attitude;  a remarkable exception: one of the best American metabolic experts resides in Texas: Dr. Paul ECK ( Unfortunately, Paul died in 2006 – cancer ).

The right solution of the problem consists not in calcium supplementation but rather in activating of the toxic deposit. Regarding myself I have come to this metabolic expert  explanation through overcoming some difficult methodological surprises ( initially I was an intake expert too ) that I will expose below since they are decisively contributing to the understanding of the “calcium mystery / paradox “ both by specialists and laymen.

  • First revelation:

    the functional calcium deficiency (Ca i ↓) does not appear out of the blue but it is caused / generated by…the excess of bound calcium (Ca b ↑) according with the dynamic equation:

Ca b Ca i

In the case of underactive adrenals (slow oxidizers group) this equilibrium is moved toward the bound toxic state (Ca b), resulting in a deficiency of functional calcium in the tissue / cells.

  • Second revelation:

    the excess of bound calcium (Ca b ↑) is caused on its turn not by calcium intake but rather by…copper excess  Cu ↑: indeed copper in excess “freezes” adrenals (diminishing the optimal amount of aldosterone and sodium necessary to maintain calcium in soluble, ionic state):

Cu↑ → Ca b↑

  • Third revelation:

    how does copper excess appear? Here we deal with a surprise being compelled to look for an answer beyond biochemistry and toward psychical /mental factor. Indeed the copper  (intracellular) excess is due to excessive, permanent stress –  a genuine plague of contemporary Western society:

Stress↑ → Cortisol↑→ MT = Metallothionein↑→ ( Cu ∼ MT)↑

  • Fourth revelation :

    How much ( Calcium ) is too much ? About a decade ago I was very interested to read / analyze  the interview of  a celebrated international expert in Calcium supplementation ( believe me : his name is less important than his ideas ). Here and now I want to elaborate  just about  his very curious response to an innocent question : What you think, Dr. X , about the Calcium excess ? His reply was / is indeed a… revelation ( fourth ): “ I think Calcium is the only one of which you can take  as much as you want…” Please forget immediately this …expert advice because otherwise your health , maybe even your life,  is / are  profoundly endangered. Why? Because  the calcium excess constitutes a genuine metabolic bomb! Have a look to how many  crucial  minerals and vitamins are  drastically diminished :

Cab ↑ → P ↓,Cai ↓, Zn ↓, Mn ↓, S ↓, Cr ↓, vit. C ↓,….

Pt. cititorii  din România : amploarea acestui proces de de-retentie  – adesea trecut cu vederea  chiar de catre ” expertii” medico-nutritionisti care inca afirma  nonsalant ca “suntem ceea ce mâncãm ” ??  ( ignorandu-se astfel distinctia unor trepte metabolice particulare, inconfundabile :

                                        ingestia ≠ digestie ≠ absorbtie ≠ retentie ≠…

trebuie perceputa  in complexitatea ei , fara a scapa din vedere  faptul ca dincolo de excesul de calciu se afla , asa cum  am aratat mai sus ,  un alt exces mineral  ( Cu b ↑) mult mai redutabil , ambele excese  avand la origine  stress-ul , considerat pe buna dreptate ca fiind adevarata cauza  a 90 % din bolile cunoscute. Consecintã: solutiile/ corectiile autentice, stabile implicate nu pot fi in niciun caz  de tipul “intake expert” ( capsule, pastile ,etc. ) ci trebuie sa angajeze  schimbarea stilului de viata insusi ( diminuarea / controlul  stress-ului din viata personala,  o nutritie  organica , etc. ).

Let me  translate  the above chemical algebra in plain English- excessive calcium equals: low protein synthesis; underactive thyroid ( = suboptimal metabolic rate that is stubborn obesity and much more ); estrogenization; hyper-oxidative stress, etc. Now you can understand my ” weird ” opinion  that an arthritic pain could be a God send message to you : hello, friend , you just got a small calcium ( excess ) problem, resolve it carefully to avoid that unending chain of …expert complications. Now, please, compare the Dr.X’s opinion to/ with  the  balanced, responsible answer/ solution   to the same  problem, due  to one of  my preferred metabolic experts Dr. Paul ECK : ” Without calcium  you can’t live. The problem arises  when calcium starts to deposit  in your body in a bound form , instead of a free  ionic form that is biologically active. Even in its free form  you need very tinny amounts of calcium.” Dr. Eck’s  response seems to be  incomparable more accurate, right? Of course it is, but…Not so fast! If you re-read it carefully you’ll discover some …shaky Dr.X ‘ s type  implications. For instance , and the most important of them, is that the bound form of calcium( Ca b in my notation is not some  neutral /passive  issue  ( according Dr. X  conviction ) but it is no less  biologically active than  the usual  free ionic form, the best proof being  the unfinished chemical algebra painted by me above.In other words, Ca b ↑ is indeed a genuine metabolic bomb and this is the only crucial point of this post because  most Americans = 8 out of 10 ! , have  Ca b ↑ ( via Cu ↑ ) and they , and their  medical professionals, don’t know how exactly  to  explain its real origine and how to normalize it.  Please keep in mind these 2 almost correlative metabolic  rules : you can’t normalize Ca ↑ without a previous normalization of..copper ↑; as well as , the stable , correlative  normalization of  deficient thyroid gland  pretends a previous  normalization of  ( underactive ) adrenals that is… Cub ↑ → Cu normal.

Fifth revelationMAGIC IS BALANCE:  Fruits and… Calcification

There is a general agreement that the metabolism is a  dynamic  complex system / process containing  a lot of  feed- backs and feed-back systems, meaning that any simple ( more correct simplistic ) solution could actually be counterproductive, harmful. In these situations the rescue comes from a golden rule (with a definite Asian flavor): see the whole picture. One example: in 2002 in the Wilmette area, Illinois two older people (let’s name them Linda and Greg) were advised by a superficial nutritionist, former construction engineer (let’s name him Igor) to liberally consume vegetables (fruits / legumes) especially as juices. To reach this goal Igor provided them with a  latest juice extractor and recommended replacing the drinking water and even their  regular daily soups with freshly squeezed juices. After a promising but short start the surprises followed: arthritic complications here and there, muscle cramps, vestibular dysfunctions (loss of balance = Mn↓ due to sugar ↑, potassium ↑ and to vitamin C↑↑), all of them explained by Igor as…normal   aging effects. When Linda and Greg started to have some heart problems (angina)  they’ve realized that their situation is much more serious and that aging is not the  true culprit, this way they approached me as a metabolic expert. After a minimal examination my diagnosis was clear: the main culprit was none else but…Igor, respectively the excessive consumption of  fruits / legumes. Indeed the two patients on the course of a few months arrived to a state of advanced mineral – hormonal dishomeostasis having the PTH (para thyroid hormone) mechanism permanently deregulated, also  involving an uncommon hypercalcemia with the well-known consequences: arthritis, atherosclerosis, osteoporosis, cardiovascular complications, … Interesting : all these problems were mainly  generated by a huge potassium excess K ↑↑ (to note that bananas for example contain much  more potassium than sodium!) which together ( again ! ) with other biochemical factors such as sugar, vitamin C, etc. have determined a drastic chromium deficiency (the normal chromium being crucial for the optimal functioning of para thyroid gland): K↑↑  →  Cr↓↓; Sugar↑  →  Cr↓; Vitamin C↑  →  Cr↓ (Fe↑  →  Cr↓).

Some emphasizes:

  • Health XXI is an educated choice

  • Fruits/ legumes are essential but only in normal quantities; consumed in excess they may become dangerous even lethal!

  • Seniors do not have osteoporosis because of lack of calcium as much as because of chromium deficiency

  • Some experts (especially those belonging to the intake expert group) focus their attention toward the primary effects ignoring / undervaluing the secondary ones.

Sixth revelation : Calcium & Magnesium – a very atypical relationship

Several years ago I’ve asked a professional nutritionist if Ca / Mg intake ratio of 2:1 is a correct one. His answer was: no, things have changed, presently the correct ratio is 2Mg: 1Ca. In reality taken in abstract all these ratios are just simple arithmetic games since the correct, scientific ratio depends rigorously on the biochemical individuality (genetically established) and it can be 5:1, 1:1, etc. A prime organizational impulse in this no man’s land was brought by the Metabolic Typing science. Dr. George Watson for instance, was the first one to caution us that a fast oxidizer does not need any Mg supplementation since he already has intracellular Mg  excess ( related to the calcium ), the right solution in this case being the metabolic control of this excess. In other words, the Mg / Ca supplementation in ratio 2:1 for a fast oxidizer represents a toxic supplementation just as in the case of prescribing  Ca supplements for slow oxidizers, of whose cells are already saturated in calcium. It results that the specialist questioned should have answered me that there is no magic ratio, valid for all patients, but that it has to be taken into account their metabolic type ; for details see the book : The Metabolic Typing Diet, by William Wolcott and Trish Fahey, BroadwayBooks, New York, 2000. Another important aspect that unfortunately is often omitted:  normal metabolic concentrations of Ca and Mg ( 1 : 1 or so ) can be concomitantly administered since their relationship is synergistic, but if any of the two minerals is in excess (for instance 10:1) then their inter-relationship is radically changed becoming an antagonistic one:   Ca↑ → Mg↓    or     Mg↑ → Ca↓ There are real situations when this antagonistic relationship becomes very important such as in the case of  slow oxidizers (about 90% of the American population !) who consume milk and dairy products (containing 10 parts Ca to 1 part Mg ). This type of consumption can be considered toxic twice: on one side, Mg absorption is blocked becoming extremely deficient (  Ca↑↑ → Mg ↓ ↓ ) and on the other side, Ca in excess amplifies the slow oxidizer character. I will quote here the opinion ( especially valid for the slow oxidizer group )  of a metabolic expert Dr. M. Laux: “Calcium is the last thing you need to build healthy bones.” If you think this  phrase is  somehow weird, think again : seriously speaking ,osteoporosis is not at all a decalcification but rather complex demineralization process  ,  involving no less than 45 minerals! Therefore , administering  a feast of minerals (calcium, magnesium, strontium…) means not a genuine regeneration of the bone but at best  a slow degeneration ! What you need to start / maintain a  real regeneration ? Anyway, not  some  magic ( ? ) supplements but, first of all, a new  life style, including a  regenerative diet, replacing the previous , degenerative one.

One last aspect that I wish to emphasize regards a fact ignored by most professionals: definitely, calcification is one sided phenomenon. Just as shown by Dr. Ronald Roth (see his Acu-cell blog) the excesses and deficiencies are usually distributed in the organism not only symmetrically,based on blood circulation but even asymmetrically, based on neurological articulation of cellular receptors that can be left sided or right sided. For instance, cramps to the right leg show Mg↓ in this leg and, eventually, in the whole  system , while cramps in the left leg show Ca ionized deficiency, respectively Ca bound ↑ ( Similarly, conjunctivitis to the right eye means Cu f ↓ and to the left eye means Cr↓). Now , believe me or not : most intake experts , including the ” legendary ” ones , consider  this specific detail as pure folklore and if you ask  help for  the  right leg cramps, they say : no problem, take some …calcium pills, so aggravating your problem ( Ca ↑ → Mg ↓ ). Of course , this is the shortest ( and …painful ) way to become a folklore fan! Be sure, I did it years ago.

Coffee / Caffeine and loss of taste: the 7th revelation

Image result for cup of coffee courtesy:

This 7th revelation is dedicated to an unusual but extremely important physiological aspect since it affects the health of numerous people, big coffee lovers (such as myself), who after a relatively long period of daily above average consumption (2-4 cups) could find themselves exposed to a very dramatic surprise such as the loss (partial or total) of taste. This physiological surprise has at the base the following scheme:

Coffee / Caffeine →…. → Calcium ionized ↓

In the last few years the Japanese researchers have published interesting data in regards to some taste metabolic enhancers such as the dipeptides GluVal and GluLeu that act on the taste buds, respectively on the Calcium channels on the tongue (see the picture above, for the sweet taste only) amplifying reactions due to calcium ions. After 2005 I was rather more interested by the reverse process of finding some taste inhibitors as well as to clarify the metabolic mechanism of their action. My approach was based on the simple fact that some hard coffee drinkers after the first coffee cup have their sweet taste  drastically diminished (50% or less). Alternatively the disappearance of the taste due to Ca 2+deficiency is often accompanied by the so-called canker sores (small painful ulcerations) in bucal cavity that last several days, being associated with the Helicobacteri Pylori amplified action. The explanation of the fact summarily represented by the above scheme can be translated in plain English as follows: Coffee (due to its copper content) and caffeine (due to its well known antagonism toward ionized calcium) reduce in a combined manner the intensity of taste through desensitizing of taste buds and the afferent calcium channels on the tongue. In a broader context this process – which can result in a total loss of taste as well as the dangerous diminishing of immune system activity – can be connected with intense, chronic stress according to the scheme:

Stress Copper bound→ Calcium bound↑ → Calcium ionized ↓ → Taste↓ + Risk of Infections↑

Traditionally the doctors were inclined to correlate the deficitary physiological status of calcium with the suboptimal bone metabolism (osteoporosis) and atherosclerosis; from the seventh revelation presented in this article we can infere that the metabolic implications of this vital mineral are much more ample. Now the question is : knowing the mechanism of taste loss what can be done to restore it?

From the proposed solutions (which are strictly referring to coffee / caffeine excess) the best one seems to be Salba seeds taken twice a day, 5 gr each between meals, doubled by a capsule of D3 (cholecalciferol) vitamin, every capsule containing 800 – 1200 IU. If after 1 -3 weeks you can restore your initial taste my suggestion is to dedicate…your first coffee cup to the 7th revelation. Attention : don’t forget  my  basic  distinction : the Salba procedure  ( be it successfully or  not )  means  no more than an intake expert  try : looking to the above chemical equation , you’ll observ immediately that the toxic deposit ( Calcium bond  ↑ ) is still there , stubbornly  waiting for a …metabolic expert.


  • The main ( attention: I didn’t say ” the only one ” ) cause of soft tissue calcification is stress via intracellular copper excess;

  • The maximum calcification takes place during winter (due to diminishing levels of vitamin D in the organism) and during nighttime (due to blood acidifying and correlatively the activation of PTH (para thyroid hormone) mechanism;

  • The vitamin D excess ( as any other excess ) is also dangerous since the main function of this vitamin is to bring calcium in the bloodstream; you will need some fatty acids to transport the calcium to target tissue. If fatty acids are deficient, the target tissues ( bones, especially ) are…out of business and  toxic calcification of soft ( not target )  tissue is eventually produced.

  • The main explanation for the rising number of slow oxidizers (over 80% of  western population) is the uncompensated stress, see details in my post titled “Copper Overload – the Western Metabolic Bomb” on this site.

Pocket Medicine (5)

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TIMING: who establishes the rules of the game? Attention, Olivia Newton – John!


” Our ” clock” started with our first cry and it will inevitably stop when the predetermined point is attained. “

Alexandra FELECAN

The modern science – with its guilty preference for homogenization and statistical averaging – has extremely de-individualized the studied systems including the human being. The time itself was considered in modern physics, from Galileo to Einstein, as an outsider that can be neglected or annexed to the space, this way becoming a 2nd degree annex of the real. The reduction of genuine temporality to a simple parameter (Cartesian duration, measured by clock) was made possible because the stable systems were  at the center of the modern knowledge, and correlatively, because the potential-possible has traditionally treated as an empty category void of any physical content. Both aspects may be approximately expressed ( or rather  hidden ! ) through time curvature t = 1 ( for details see the section “Time in Broad Sense. The Spiritual Essence of Time” on this blog ). From this realist- local approach some individual / social indifference / neutrality toward time has resulted; the readers of this site will probably be surprised to learn that in our personal  life problems (including or especially the ones of life or death) almost always somebody else made the final decisions, moreover this decision transfer was not based on solid theoretical elaborations but rather on some volatile working hypotheses belonging to …some unknown or extremely  controversial authors (consider, for instance ,  the Pasteur – vaccination  fragile connection ).

User shared photo
My daughter – ALEX

Just in the last decades within the so-called nonlinear rationality (centered on unstable systems) the situation has radically changed at least at expert level, recognizing that time has a generative fundamentality which places it somewhere above the real and the ergonic / local spatiality too. Indeed correlative with the change of the ontological status of potential – possible (the physical support of the active temporality) presently more and more researchers agree that time is equally a creating and destroying existential factor. Most of us have been caught on the wrong foot by this sensational conceptual mutation, since it is still difficult for us to attribute time the status of a live entity, sometimes extremely active (when its local curvature ” t ” suddenly becomes ten, hundred, thousand times higher than its usual value) and therefore we are still accustomed to treat temporality as a neutral, 2nd rate entity assigning in a simplistic, inertial and especially risky  manner, some aberrant rules inspired by a realist Euclidian spatiality: indeed, what normal person would feel the same if he/she was holding a potato or …a grenade in his/her hand?

This pocket medicine (5) episode aims to draw attention on some of these temporal over-simplifications, frequently found in the quotidian, trivial facts as well as in the area of destinal / fated facts, in the last case theatemporal attitude “ being often paid with the loss of life.

5.1 Kinetic details…to remember


  • Decisions either / or

Avoid the concomitant ingestion of vitamin C (citrus fruits) and antioxidant teas (green, white, black), otherwise you will directly contribute to the formation of aluminum ascorbate / citrate easily absorbed by the brain increasing Alzheimer’s disease risk.

The simultaneous ingestion of calcium (diet or supplements) and fats is counterindicated because of insoluble calcium salts formation, canceling the metabolic contribution of both nutrients .

Coffee or…testosterone? The…volatile sexuality: men  especially  have to remember an essential fact: cortisol produced by stress, as well as by caffeine ( a stressor too ! ), is a powerful antagonist of testosterone. The more often you need a normal level of testosterone the less frequent coffee consumption should be ( though the complete elimination of coffee is not my suggestion).

  • Lifestyle

Pay attention to the following temporal correlations: during the day we become diabetics and obese through the series of states: hyperglycemia → hyperinsulinemia → hypoglycemia …during the night we become osteoporotic and arthritic through hypocalcemia and PTH (para thyroid hormone) mechanism activation.

Do not forget the specific speed of metabolic processes: while the ingested calcium absorption lasts about 2 hours, the activation of  PTH secretion /mechanism  (through which calcium is extracted from the bones to keep a constant, optimum pH of the blood : 7,35 – 7,45 ), is a lot faster: about 10 minutes. Therefore it is possible to take a calcium supplement in the evening and  concomitantly activate the PTH secretion for about 2 hours! It is recommended to choose an easily absorbable calcium form.

Winter is different than summer! Along season succession a 1st class housewife will have to guide the nutrition of the entire family according to the Metabolic Typing requirements: during winter we should become to some extent Eskimos (or fast oxidizers) preferentially consuming proteins and fats while during summer we should stress the slow oxidizer profile centered on vegetables and complex carbohydrates.

  • Durations worth remembering and obey:

The need for antioxidants and blood optimizing agents  being a permanent one it is recommended to avoid the uncovered situations taking in account that:

Vitamin C stays ( is active )  in the bloodstream about 6 hours

Nattokinase is active for 4-8 hours

Catechines from teas ( green, white, black ) remain active in the bloodstream for about 5 hours therefore you will need about 4 cups a day for around the clock coverage.

EDTA stays in the bloodstream for about 24 hours (therefore it does not make sense to overlap oral doses).

  • Some regular kinetic indexes:

Glycemic index: measures how fast the glucose is transferred into the bloodstream or how fast the insulin is mobilized from pancreas; examples: refined carbohydrates = 10 -15 minutes; complex carbohydrates = 30 100 minutes.

Metabolic Type: measures the kinetic (speed) of cellular oxidation (conf. Dr. G. Watson).

5.2 Feminity in danger! How efficient is estrogen treatment?


“ In erotism’s equation a better lifestyle has strongly intervened, the biological wear is less visible while the new medical means (from Viagra to silicon, from plastic / aesthetic surgery to estrogen treatment), have succeeded in prolonging the youth and vital energies.” Florin TUDOSE, Romanian psychologist

Even though feminity can be compromised at any age (following the establishment of a hormonal imbalance in the system), in the following I will especially refer to the so-called “second femininity which takes place after 45 years a little before the menopause (pM) and particularly after menopause (PM = after 50 years) when the still great reserves of intimacy, tenderness, comprehension and superior social involvement of the women are threatened by an almost compact group of symptoms essentially generated by the new “hormonal strategy” of an organism that has integrally lost any interest in reproductive function.  This cluster of symptoms involves: hot flashes; vaginal dryness and correlatively the loss / attenuation of the sexual drive; depression; high cholesterol; osteoporosis; hypoglycemia; thyroid dysfunction; water retention; yeast infections, etc. It is considered that the presence of 2-3 of these symptoms is a sure sign that “estrogen dominance “ has installed in the organism; this special, relative  excessive estrogen ( “excessive” means unbalanced in rapport with the more radical progesterone deficiency! ) becomes toxic, potentially promoting the breast cancer. Is it still possible to re-normalize the hormonal status or everything is just a nature’s superficiality which women will have to regard it as destiny? To complicate matter even more it is worth mentioning that the majority of women of this age ( PM), have also underactive adrenals, respectively copper (and calcium too) intracellular overload, leading to a major deregulation of mineral metabolism and correlatively to a suboptimal enzyme activity. This complex metabolic situation can still be controlled through estrogen treatment, even I would suggest trying to activate the adrenals first since this way the hormonal treatment itself may be proven unnecessary. There is not one but at least three ways to preserve this fascinating “ second femininity ” , with performances and risks totally different; it is well indicated to study them closer because   we are dealing with a mined field of a mega-business where confusion and disinformation are deliberately practiced.

1. Conventional HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy)

Having a multi decade history this method consists in the administration of non-human hormones (animal or synthetic source): Premarin (an estrogenic type component) and Provera (a progesterone type component). Several years ago this procedure was the object of an extensive study named WHI (Women Health Initiative) which concluded that in the case of PM women, while providing some minor benefits, it increases (with about 0.4 % per year) the rate of breast cancer considering that the method is clearly risky on long term and dubious on short term. To note that all the PM women who have adopted this procedure, have received an identical dose of Premarin without some preliminary testing of their individual hormonal levels. Moreover Provera not being a genuine progesterone cannot achieve its regulatory function toward estrogen while, at the same time, it exhibits the typical side effects of a drug. It is self-implied that the above mentioned treatments were deliberately accomplished  with structurally modified hormones, this being the only way through which the pharmaceutical companies can reap huge profits; unfortunately (or not?) such new structures – patented or not – are not recognized by enzymes, leading to their toxic accumulation.

2. Natural HRT (using bioidentical hormones of vegetable nature)

The predominant negative results obtained by the conventional HRT have been tendentiously popularized using the following terms: estrogen treatments are risky because they lead to breast cancer. This formulation created / amplificated the fear toward “carcinogenic estrogen”, many of the women choosing the discomfort of hot flushes, etc. considering that menopause is just a transitional period. The reality is that the “estrogen” term covers an entire group of numerous metabolites each and every one of them having distinct hormonal and carcinogenic properties. For example from the three commonly produced hormones of the human organism (estrone E1, estradiol E2 and estriol E3) the most active of the series (under both mentioned aspects) is E2, the least active being E3 (estriol). Based on this distinction, the  alternative doctors became interested to elaborate a new, natural HRT procedure using hormones E1, E2 and especially E3, all having a vegetable provenience characterized by an identical structure with human hormones. In this procedure a key role is reserved to estriol which according to alternative doctors does not have carcinogenic effects (moreover, some researchers assert that estriol contributes to prevention of cancer). Recent studies realized with a mix of bio-identical hormones, and equally with simple estriol, have confirmed their efficiency in regards to PM symptoms without showing the over stimulative  properties specific to estradiol. Why then conventional doctors avoid promoting the estriol,often incriminated by them as being carginogenic too? The explanation is simple: being a natural derivative,  estriol cannot be patented, consequently being unable to promise great financial rewards.


Safety aspects of estriol usage


  • Japanese study: the results of a recent study effectuated in Japan with a group of 53 PM women, who have taken 2mg E3 daily for 12 months were clearly positive: at the end of the 12 months the researchers have established using ultrasound method that none of the women displayed any breast problems while 85% of women reported significantly improved PM symptoms. The conclusion of the Japanese study: estriol constitute a safe and efficient method to control PM symptoms.
  • Israeli study: how does E3 prevent breast cancer?

The Israeli researchers have discovered that E3 controls the pro-carcinogenic tendencies of E2 through competitive absorption mechanism: estriol blocks the estrogen receptors proportionally with its relative concentration, thus reducing the absorption on these receptors of the E2 (which is always in minority). This mechanism is similar to tamoxifen action, some unconventional researchers even admitting that E3 might be even more efficient than tamoxifen.

“Less estriol, more cancer” hypothesis and EQ (estrogen quotient)


Dr. J.V. Wright has brought to attention a very interesting fact in this area of “second femininity”: becomes actual again the work of Dr. Henry LEMON dedicated to the role of E3 in anti cancer protection of pM and PM women. Analyzing the individual levels of estrogen (E1, E2, E3) Dr. Lemon has established the following equation:

EQ = E3 / (E1 + E2)


which can easily be interpreted: if E3 is low then the breast cancer risk is high: in other words the higher is EQ the better it is or less estriol more cancer. In the case of 34 women without any signs of breast cancer the average of EQ was: 1.3 before menopause and 1.2 after menopause; for other 24 women already having breast cancer the average EQ values were respectively 0.5 and 0.6.

Dr. Lemon went even further trying to use the estriol in the breast cancer treatment itself: he asked a group of women having inoperable breast cancer to take high quantities of E3. At the end of the study 40% of the patients reported cancer in remission. The high amounts of estriol used in this experiment are not outrageous if we keep in mind that during pregnancy the E3 level is exponentially increased up to 1,000 times and more without any toxic effects.

Some additional precautions:

  • It is recommended to administer E3 not orally but rather topical (transdermic).
  • Balancing with natural progesterone of E3 is also strongly recommended.
  • Some researchers consider that E3 protects better the uterus if taken in a single daily dose.
  • Keeping in mind that estriol remains active (in the bloodstream) between 4-60 minutes, an efficient coverage might involve multiple doses. Pay attention to the level of estrogens: due to fluctuations the representative sample should be collected during a 24 hour period.



3. Boron against hot flashes (HF)


There are many types of HF (HF1, HF2, etc.). Type HF1 is by far the most important being based on a drastic estrogen deficiency (going as far as 90% than normal level). The main symptom (hotness) results from the prostaglandins imbalance: while  prostaglandins 2 (predominant) are pro-inflammatory the  prostaglandins 1  are anti-inflammatory. To normalize the estrogen level (high enough to prevent osteoporosis) the patients can choose between the two estrogen treatments above mentioned and the boron procedure with virtually no cancer risk. To maintain an acceptable level of the steroid hormone synthesis (especially estrogen) the adrenal glands (activated) need 3-6mg boron daily and vitamin B5 under the form of calcium pantothenate. Also it is necessary to take two vital minerals: calcium (500mg daily) and magnesium (about 150mg daily).

My personal preferences for these three methods just presented:

1. 0% (being commercial, the method aims maximum profit and not the health of the patients. Susceptible of some improvements but until then…

2. 45% (estriol deserves our trust; the downside of this procedure is its extrinsic character: something from outside is being added sometimes without systematic analyses, etc.).

3. 55% : the boron procedure is an intrinsic one, centered on metabolic regulation improvement including the activation of adrenals therefore a rejuvenation of the entire endocrine / energetic system reaching objectives found well beyond hot flashes and co.

CAUTION: keeping in mind that hormones are substances with high biological activity it is persistently recommended that the information contained on this site to be taken not as a direct, medical advice but rather as an alternative source of suggestions for you and your personal doctor.


5.3 Breast Cancer – an ample battle for time re-evaluation: time is money vs. TIME IS LIFE!

In the past years in the breast cancer area, guarded with a very aggressive vigilance by persons and institutions tied together by great financial gains to the mammography industry, there is an  inexpiable war, in play being both the multi-billion dollar stake and the restatement of a unwritten but un-negotiable rule – the winner takes all. Until recently, backed by the American Medical Establishment: NCI (National Cancer Instititute) and ACS (American Cancer Society) along with the huge chemical pharmaceutical companies (DuPont, Eastman Kodak, Piker, …) as well as the media, the authoritative leader in this confrontation was mammography who successfully defended its hegemony, imposing the main rules of the game. After the publishing in the prestigious journal “Archives of Internal Medicine” in Nov. 2008, editor: Rita F. Redberg MD, MSC of the now famous “ Norvegian Study ” titled “The Natural History of Invasive Breast Cancer Detected by Screening  Mammography”, something important has happened making possible a promising transition which in my personal perception could be described as the following: the change from ” The dogs bark, the caravan goes by ” to “ the caravan stops and gets ready to battle ”. Good sign even though not consistently enough. Anyway in this unforgiving fight between the armies of “money” and “life” the victory must finally rest with life. How long will this “ finally ” be, depends in great part on the persistence of “atemporal” attitude of the millions involved women, who likewise Olivia Newton-John have taken as intangible the light medical arguments generously provided by mammographists, literally assaulting their screening centers as well as their conventional clinics. Moreover from the special position of a survivor in the battle against cancer, O. N.-J. has faithfully taken and  publicly promoted for years now, the main ideas of mammography industry, convincingly asserting that: the concept of remission in breast cancer is a negative one; the early mammography detection followed by a conventional treatment just as hasty would represent the most direct / short way toward efficient cancer control. The above mentioned  Norvegian study due to first-class specialists (medical doctors and PhD) as well as other prestigious commentators (not necessarily some alternative doctors !) highlight a shocking truth that all ideas / concepts just mentioned represent  as many mystifications meant not to control the cancer but rather…the money. In the following I will shortly expose the multiple facetes of this truth hoping that the readers of this blog would be better informed about the essence of this battle for time re-evaluation and would personally take decisions according to their real, profound interests. For now for all those wanting to integrally read the Norvegian study I will provide the necessary data: “ The Natural History of Invasive Breast Cancer Detected by Screening Mammography”, authors: Per- Henrik Zahl, MD, PhD; Jan Maehlen, MD, PhD; H. Gilbert Welch, MD, MPH-Arch Intern Med. 2008: 18 (21): 2311 -2316.

Spontaneous remission – a positive concept !

In contrast with other cancers (renal, melanoma for example) whose spontaneous remissions are well established in the case of breast invasive cancer such developments constitute a real surprise while their hypothetical proportion (about 20% of the total!) is nothing less than incredible. This explains why the Norvegian study is still considered “ highly controversial ”. This study, a truly ingenious natural experiment, re-establishes a simple truth that modern medicine has mostly forgotten: healing does not belong to the doctors or drugs power but comes from within, the organism with its (traditionally ignored /undervalued ) resources being the true healing vector. In Norway they selected two women groups of comparable ages (50-64 years) that received during 6 consecutive years two different patterns of mammography screening: group MS (multiple screening = 3 ) and control group SS (a final single screening). During those 6 years the cumulative incidence of invasive breast cancer was totally different: 1,909  in MS group in comparison with 1, 564 in control group, both figures being referred to 100,000 women.

The interpretation given by its authors: the clear difference between those two groups suggests that some invasive breast cancer is spontaneously resolved and in a greater proportion, much above the most optimistic expectations. In other words: 20% of the MS women have received non-necessary (maybe some lethal!) treatment since their tumors would have disappeared on their own. If this is true then, keeping in mind that this situation is repeated year by year, day by day and not just in Norway, it is almost impossible to overlook how many beloved women were needlessly tormented or even lost their life, due to a guilty prejudice expressed with academic neutrality: “ the spontaneous remission is a negative concept ”. Evidently for us all much more important than the retroactive regret is to understand the new situation and to ask ourselves what it needs to be done so these fabulous spontaneous percentages (20) to become 30,40,…?

Here are some of my suggestions:

  • A probable explanation for the spontaneous remission is some surprising regeneration of the immune system of which initial depression was due to some excessive, prolonged stress. Indeed there is known that cortisol excess in the system determines: the immune system depression (an open door for cancer); exhaustion of adrenal and thyroid glands; deregulation of mineral and general metabolism; IR (insulin resistance), etc. Therefore at the first sign of structural / functional abnormalities of the breasts (lumps, etc) the first thing to remember is not …mammography but rather a serious, objective analysis of the major stress sources from the personal life and their prompt elimination. The breasts represent the spiritual antennas in the complex sometime destructive relationship with the surrounding world, their message must be carefully received and acted accordingly going past vanities and false-prides, etc.
  • Since not all tumors are susceptible to spontaneous remissions it is extremely important to establish the tumor type aggressive or potential regressive. In the case of aggressive tumors it is possible to use any strong procedure including mammography, chemotherapy, etc. How can we know what kind of tumor we have? My suggestion:
  1. periodically check your hormonal levels (in the saliva) with a well reputed laboratory. Based on the proportion between estriol / estradiol it is possible to make pertinent estimations concerning potential tumor evolution:  see Pocket Medicine 5.2 (Dr. Lemon’s hypothesis) and consequently conclude: higher EQ equals a better control of the tumor by the immune system
  2. high tech sonograms can also be utilized in establishing the tumor’s aggressivity measuring the local alteration of blood flow: a tumor with low flow points to a static, diminishing condition.



Nobody is expert in “non-Einsteinian physics”. Especially…Einstein!


A ” competent  and careful ” reader  ( signed A.M. )  of this blog considered absolutely unacceptable my style / method in which I deal with time and special relativity theory of Einstein, requesting that in the future I should make a clear distinction between a theory unanimously accepted by the scientific community and the plethora of hypotheses – more or less fantasist – for the exclusive delight of non-expert readers. I thank A.M. for his attention but at the same time I invite him to reconsider his own methodological position, which, in my opinion, is revolute and confusing. Firstly I want to note that we are situated on different logical platforms: he is practicing a Cartesian logic “either / or “ while I promote a new,  syntegrative logic: “ both / and ” which evidently does not ignore the Cartesian one but rather generalizes it considering it a particular case.

Generally speaking becomes more and more evident that Einsteinian physics is a particular physics limited to the stable systems and relatively integrable = without defining inter-system interactions / resonances; not randomly, Einstein found himself at home within the world of Leibnizian monads. A word of caution though: under a more subtle analysis the just mentioned monads do open – through mirroring – toward nonlocality and inseparability. If the monads have done it, would not be the right time for A.M…. too?

The defining methodology of Einstein ( local realism )  is being incompatible with the major developments from contemporary physics to which nonlocality and inseparability represent some sine qua non referentials. Also, Einsteinian reason / rationality is a linear analytical one whilst the contemporary knowledge – centered on unstable systems – is based on a new nonlinear reason / rationality (I mention that the non-traditional concept of “ nonlinear rationality ” has been formally introduced by me at the World Congress of Philosophy of Science held in Uppsala, Sweden 1991). I do not contradict the ( local )  validity  of special relativity but I assert in a firm manner: locality is just a particular case of nonlocality just as well as the actual /real is just a subsystem of potentiality, therefore in this different area of physics, time curvature = 1 and correlatively the entire Einsteinian physical conception has to give way to some new, generalized developments (other concepts, other theories, other methodological principles. See “About Us on this site). Both new physics and  logic (  with its continuity rule : ” both / and  ” )  consider  locality, stability, linearity and linear rationality,  etc.  just empirical useful referentials or some first approximation concepts / models: every ” local / localized”  system presents, in some degree , a reminiscent, irreducible  nonlocality , etc. To the A.M.’s  ironical question “ and other formulas too? ” I have no other answer but “ why not ” being very probable that in the all traditional physics formulas, for which stability was implicitly admitted and correlatively  certain coefficients had values = 1 (without appearing in the equations), whether and where the instability becomes decisive we will have the need for new coefficients ( or  functions ) higher or lower than 1.

Finally, I  want to underline – time and again – the extraordinary fact that after 1960 the entire scientific knowledge detached from the traditional horizon penetrating into a new horizon organized on totally different methodological basis – the horizon of complex dynamic systems. In this new, non-Einsteinian universe, Einstein has halted himself somewhere at the entrance, reacting as a distinguished but disoriented guest.

Pocket Medicine: Caterinca ( 5 )

Posted by on Wednesday, 12 May, 2010

TIMING : cine stabileste regulile jocului ? Atentie, Olivia Newton – John !

Stiinta moderna – cu preferinta ei vinovata  pentru omogenizare si mediere statistica – a dezindividualizat la extrem sistemele studiate  inclusiv omul ca persoana / personalitate distincta. Timpul insusi  a fost considerat in fizica moderna, de la Galilei la Einstein, ca un outsider care poate fi neglijat sau  cel mult anexat spatiului, devenind prin aceasta o anexa de gradul 2  a realului. Reducerea temporalitatii autentice la un simplu parametru               ( durata cartesiana, masurata cu ceasornicul ) a fost posibila  intrucat in centrul cunoasterii moderne  s-au  aflat sistemele stabile si, corelativ , fiindca potentialul-posibil a fost  tratat in mod traditional ca o categorie  goala , lipsita de continut fizic. Ambele aspecte pot fi exprimate intr-o forma implicita prin curbura t = 1  atribuita in mod abstract temporalitatii ( pentru detalii vezi sectiunea “ Timpul in sens larg. Esenta spirituala a timpului “ , pe acest blog ). Din acest mod   realist – local de abordare a timpului a rezultat o anume indiferenta ( neutralitate )  individuala si sociala fata de temporalitate ; cititorii acestui site vor fi  probabil surprinsi sa constate ca in probleme-cheie ale vietii , inclusiv sau mai ales, in cele de viata si de moarte , asupra temporalitatii noastre  private  au decis aproape intotdeauna ALTII , mai mult ca acest  transfer  ( furt, daca vreti ) de decizie nu a avut la baza  nici macar o elaborare teoretica   temeinica ci , mai curand , niste ipoteze de lucru cu autori …necunoscuti.  Abia in ultimele decenii , in cadrul asa-numitei “ rationalitati nelineare “ centrata pe sistemele instabile situatia s-a schimbat , cel putin la nivel de experti, recunoscandu-i-se timpului o fundamentalitate fizica generativa care il plaseaza  deasupra  realului si , deci , a spatialitatii. In adevar , corelativ  cu schimbarea  statutului onto-logic al potentialului – posibil        ( suportul fizic al temporalitatii active)  in prezent tot mai multi cercetatori recunosc faptul ca timpul in- fiinteaza si  des-fiinteaza . Cei mai multi dintre noi , de ce nu am recunoaste-o , am fost prinsi pe picior gresit de aceasta senzationala mutatie conceptuala , fiindu-ne inca peste mana sa-i atribuim timpului   statutul unei entitati vii, uneori deosebit de activa ( cand curbura locala a timpului ” t ” devine subit  de zeci, sute… de ori mai mare decat valoarea sa uzuala ) si , ca atare , ne complacem inca sa tratam temporalitatea ca pe o entitate neutrala , subalterna, prescriindu-i  in mod simplist , inertial si, mai ales riscant, reguli aberante  inspirate de …spatialitatea euclidiana : in adevar, carui om normal i-ar parea totuna daca tine in mana un cartof  inert sau…o grenada  functionala ?

Episodul de fata –  Pocket Medicine , Caterinca ( 5 ) – isi propune  sa  atraga atentia asupra unora dintre aceste simplisme  frecvent intalnite atat in  domeniul cotidian al faptelor “ marunte “ cat si in acela  al faptelor destinale, in cel din urma caz “ atitudinea atemporalafiind platita  adesea cu viata.

5.1 Detalii cinetice…de neuitat

  • Decizii ori / ori

Evitati  consumul concomitent de   vitamina C ( fructe citrice  ) si ceai ( verde , alb, negru ), in caz contrar veti contribui la formarea citratului de aluminiu , f. usor absorbit de creier, cu accelerarea  procesului care duce la Alzheimer.

Ingerarea concomitenta de calciu (  dieta sau suplimente ) si grasimi este contraindicata, intrucat se formeaza saruri de calciu insolubile ale  acizilor grasi, anulandu-se astfel aportul metabolic al ambilor nutrienti.

Cafea sau…testosteron ? Barbatii, in primul rand,  trebuie sa  nu uite un lucru esential : cortisolul produs de stres ( si de cafeina – ea insasi un stresor ! ) este un antagonist redutabil al testosteronului.Cu cat mai …des aveti nevoie de  testosteron la un nivel normal, cu atat mai rar ( nu am zis deloc! ) sa fie recursul la ceasca de cafea.

  • Stil de viata

Implicatii temporale : ziua devenim  diabetici si obezi (  prinhiperglicemie / hiperinsulina / hipoglicemie Noaptea devenim osteoporotici si artritici ,prin hipocalcemie si activarea  secretiei PTH ( para-tiroid-hormon ).Nu omiteti debutul de zi sub cele mai …bune auspicii : …tigareta si …cafeaua.

Atentie la viteza specifica a proceselor  metabolice: in vreme ce absorbtia calciului este  de durata  ( circa 2 ore ),  amorsarea mecanismului PTH ( prin care se extrage calciu din oase pt. a se asigura pH-ul functional constant al sangelui: 7,35 ) este mult mai rapida : circa 10 minute. Este deci posibil sa luati seara , sa zicem, un supliment de calciu ( preferati oricum pe cele usor absorbabile! ) si totusi, aproape concomitent , sa se activeze – pt. circa 2 ore! – secretia de paratiroid hormon.

Iarna nu –i ca vara ! Gospodinele  first class , dupa ce, eventual , au avut grija sa-l ironizeze pe autorul acestui adagiu , trebuie totusi sa-si ghideze familiile conform cu recomandarile stiintei numite Metabolic Typing : iarna  vom tinde sa devenim eschimosi ( sau fast oxidizeri  ) consumand preferential proteine si grasimi  in vreme ce vara  schimbam profilul metabolic tinzand spre slow oxidizers, cu accent pe vegetale si carbohidrati de preferinta complecsi.

  • Durate demne de retinut si…respectat:

Nevoia de antioxidanti  si  agenti fibrinolitici fiind permanenta, este bine sa ajutati organismul sa nu ramana descoperit, tinand cont ca:

– Vitamina C este activa (  in fluxul  sanguin ) timp de circa 6 ore.

-Nattokinaza este activa  4 – 8 ore.

Catechinele din ceaiul verde ( si similare ) raman active in sange  circa 5 ore, aveti nevoie deci de 3-4 cesti pt. 24 ore acoperire.

– EDTA  ramane in sange circa 24 ore ( nu are deci sens sa suprapuneti dozele orale ).

  • Indici cinetici uzuali  adesea receptati …necinetic :

Indicele glicemic : masoara cat de repede  este transportata glucoza in sange sau  cat de rapid este mobilizata insulina  din pancreas; ex. glucidele rafinate : 10- 15 minute; glucidele complexe : 30 – 100 minute.

Indicele numit Tipul Metabolic ( Metabolic Type ); masoara  cinetica ( viteza )  oxidarii celulare ( in viziunea Dr. George Watson ).

5.2 Feminitatea in primejdie ! Cat de efectiv este tratamentul cu estrogeni ?

” In ecuatia erotismului a intervenit puternic un stil mai bun de viata,uzura biologica e mai putin vizibila, in timp ce noile mijloace medicale ( de la Viagra la silicon, de la chirurgia estetica  la tratamentul cu estrogeni ) nu au facut decat sa prelungeasca  tineretea si energiile vitale.”

Florin TUDOSE , psiholog

Desi feminitatea poate fi  compromisa practic la orice varsta ( ca urmare , spre exemplu , a instalarii unui dezechilibru hormonal stabil in sistem  ), in cele ce urmeaza ma voi raporta in mod special la asa-numita “ second femininity “/ a doua varsta a feminitatii,  care survine  dupa 45 ani , cu putin inainte de menopauza ( pM ) si, in mod deosebit , post-menopauza ( PM = dupa 50 ani  ) cand rezervele ( inca )  imense de intimitate, tandrete , intelegere si implicare sociala superioara  ale femeii sunt amenintate de un grup aproape compact de simptome provocate in esenta de noua “ strategie hormonala “ a unui organism care si-a pierdut orice interes  pentru  functia reproductiva .  Acest cluster de simptome implica : bufeuri ( hot flashes ); uscaciune vaginala   si, corelativ , pierderea / atenuarea   dorintei / placerii sexuale ( sexual drive); depresie ;cholesterol inalt;  osteoporoza; hipoglicemie ; oboseala ; dureri de cap;  disfunctie tiroidiana; retinerea apei; infectii ( pe fondul unei imunitati  reduse ); avort,… Se considera ca prezenta  a 2 sau 3 din aceste simptome constituie un semn sigur ca  in organism s-a instalat un dezechilibru hormonal stabil – un  exces de estrogen; acest  estrogen excesiv ( atentie: in contextul PM “ exces “ inseamna prin  raportare la  deficitul inca si mai accentuat de  progesterona ) este toxic  putand promova, daca dezechilibrul estrogen / progesterona dureaza, cancerul de san. Este posibila re-normalizarea statutului hormonal sau totul reprezinta o …superficialitate a naturii pe care femeile trebuie sa o trateze ca pe o fatalitate? Pentru a complica inca si mai mult lucrurile  sa mentionam ca  majoritatea femeilor de aceasta varsta ( pM si PM )  au ( si )  adrenale subactive respectiv exces de cupru – si de calciu – intracelular,ceea ce implica o dereglare profunda a metabolismului mineral si, corelativ, o activitate enzimatica suboptima. In adevar o  situatie metabolica extrem de complexa  care, totusi ,  poate fi controlata , spre exemplu,  prin  “ tratamentul cu estrogeni “ ( desi eu as sugera sa se incerce  in primul rand activarea adrenalelor care , daca este facuta cu profesionalism, lasa adesea fara obiect  tratamentul  hormonal de un tip sau altul ). Dupa circa 2 decenii de implicare ( de pe o pozitie integrativa, deschisa atat spre  medicina ortodoxa cat si spre cea alternativa )  in  prezervarea acestei fascinante “ second femininity “ pot afirma ca exista nu una ci cel putin 3  variante  de rezolvare a acestei probleme cu performante si riscuri net diferite , pe care e bine sa le analizam mai indeaproape intrucat fiind  vorba de o mega – afacere se  practica in mod programat  confuzia si dezinformarea.

1. Metoda  HRT conventionala ( = Hormone Replacement Therapy ), avand o vechime de mai multe decenii, consista in administrarea de  hormoni  sintetici sau de provenienta animala : Premarin ( component tip estrogenic ) si Provera ( component  tip progesteron, diferit de progesteronul uman ). Procedeul a facut obiectul unui studiu WHI  ( Women Health Initiative ) care a stabilit ca,  in cazul femeilor PM , pe fondul unor beneficii minore , nesemnificative , este crescuta ( cam cu 0,4 % pe an ) viteza  producerii cancerului de san, considerand ca metoda este riscanta  pe termen lung si ,oricum, discutabila pe termen scurt. De notat ca tuturor  femeilor PM interesate ( totusi ) de procedeu , mai ales pe termen scurt , li s-a administrat aceeasi doza de Premarin (tip  estradiol ), fara testarea prealabila a nivelului hormonal individual . De asemenea  Provera  nefiind  progesteron autentic, nu-si poate realiza functia sa reglatoare in raport cu estrogenul, prezentand in schimb efectele secundare ale  unui drug / medicament. Experimentele mentionate au fost realizate in mod deliberat cu   hormoni cu structuri modificate intrucat doar acestea  pot aduce profit companiilor farmaceutice, facand obiectul unui brevet dar, din pacate  ( sau nu ? ) aceste structuri noi –brevetate sau nu –  nu sunt recunoscute de catre enzime, rezultand astfel acumularea lor progresiva , toxica.

2. Metoda  HRT  naturala ( cu hormoni bioidentici , de natura vegetala )

Rezultatele preponderant negative obtinute  prin procedura HRT conventionala  au fost popularizate in mod tendentios in urmatorii termeni : tratamentul cu estrogeni  este riscant , intrucat promoveaza  cancerul de / la san. Aceasta formulare “ diplomatica “ a  creat si amplificat teama femeilor fata de  “ estrogenul cancerigen “, multe dintre ele preferand , aparent rational ,  disconfortul de tip  hot flashes, etc., considerand ca menopauza este totusi ( doar ) o perioada de tranzitie. Realitatea este ca  termenul “ estrogen” se aplica unui grup de substante / metaboliti avand caracteristici  atat hormonale cat si cancerigene net diferite. Spre exemplu ,  dintre cei 3 hormoni uzuali produsi de organisnul uman ( estrona E1, estradiolul E2 si estriolul E3 ) cel mai activ din serie, sub ambele aspecte mentionate, este E2 ( estradiolul ) , cel mai putin activ fiind estriolul.

Asa se explica preferinta medicilor alternativi ( si a mea ) pentru E3 si incercarea lor de a elabora un procedeu tip HRT natural ( cu  hormoni E1,E2,E3,…de provenienta  vegetala ) avand o structura identica hormonilor  umani ( “ bioidentic hormones ”). Un rol – cheie ii revine in acest procedeu estriolului, hormon despre care medicii alternativi afirma ca practic nu prezinta tendinte cancerigene. Unii cercetatori  sustin chiar ca estriolul  contribuie la prevenirea cancerului. Studii  recente efectuate cu  hormoni bioidentici (  “ Triple estrogen” produs de catre Dr. J.V. Wright si farm. Ed Thorpe sau doar cu estriol )  au confirmat eficienta lor  raportata la simptomele  de menopauza  ( hot flashes , transpiratie nocturna, protejarea oaselor,etc. ) fara a prezenta si caracteristicile overstimulative intalnite in cazul estradiolului. De ce atunci  doctorii conventionali  nu promoveaza  estriolul ( ci mai degraba il incrimineaza  ca fiind si el cancerigen ) ? Explicatia este una si simpla : fiind  un compus natural, estriolul nu poate fi brevetat si , in consecinta , nu poate aduce profituri substantiale companiilor farmaceutice.

Aspecte “safety” ale utilizarii estriolului

– Studiu japonez : in Japonia ( ca si in Germania )  este utilizat preferential E3, nu E1, E2 si niciodata  Premarin .  Iata rezultale unui studiu recent efectuat cu 53 femei PM , care au utilizat zilnic cate  2 mg E3, timp de 12 luni . La sfarsitul perioadei , cercetatorii au  examinat cu ajutorul ultrasunetelor  starea sanilor si  rezultatele au fost normale pt. toate  femeile din grup; la  85 % dintre ele , simptomele de tip M au fost  sensibil atenuate. Concluzia   cercetatorilor japonezi : estriolul constituie un mijloc  sigur si eficient de a combate  simptomele M. Am fost curios  sa aflu care au fost reactiile  cercetatorilor conventionali fata de concluziile studiului  japonez si iata ce am gasit: cateva dintre ele au subliniat ca …durata nu a fost  suficient de lunga . Replica: un tratament de circa 6 luni cu estriol  se poate dovedi asigurator pentru protectia pacientei pe o durata de 30 – 40 ani ! Alta reactie , de aceeasi calitate, explica  absenta stimularii canceroase prin …excesul de soia consumat frecvent de catre 90 %  dintre femeile japoneze, soia  actionand in mod sinergistic, protector. Replica : in schimb 90 % dintre femeile americane prezinta over-estrogenizare toxica datorita excesului de xeno-estrogeni.

Studiu din  Israel: cum previne  E3 cancerizarea ?

Cercetatorii israelieni  au descoperit ca E3 interfera cu insusirile pro-cancerigene ale E2 prin mecanismul absorbtiei competitive: estriolul  blocheaza  centrii – receptori  pt. estrogen, proportional cu concentratia relativa, reducand astfel  absorbtia  pe acesti centri a E2 ( care este , totdeauna,  minoritar ); mecanismul este similar cu actiunea tamoxifenului ( un bun anti-estrogen sintetic ), unii cercetatori – neconventionali ! – admitand chiar ca E3  este mai eficient decat tamoxifenul .

– Ipoteza “ less estriol, more cancer ” si  EQ ( Estrogen quotient )

Dr.-ului  J.V. Wright ii datorez semnalarea  unui  fapt cu adevarat  semnificativ in aceasta arie de  mare interes pt. toti cei care iubesc …feminitatea : revine in atentie lucrarea  de acum cateva decenii a Dr. Henry LEMON dedicata rolului E3 in protejarea “ second feminity “. Studiind  rolul estriolului in protectia  anti-cancer  la femeile pM si PM, dupa analiza individuala ( ! ) a nivelelor  estrogenilor ( E1,E2 si E3 ), Dr. Lemon a stabilit urmatoarea ecuatie :

EQ = E3 / (E1 + E2 )

Interpretarea este  simpla : daca E3 este scazut, atunci riscul de cancerizare este inalt sau: cu cat mai mare este EQ cu atat mai bine : less estriol, more cancer! ( soia nu are loc in aceasta ecuatie ). Concret : in cazul a 34 femei  fara vreun semn de  cancer de san  valoarea EQ mediu  a fost : 1,3 inainte de menopauza si 1,2 dupa menopauza.

In cazul a 24 femei avand deja cancer de san valorile EQ mediu au fost respectiv 0,5 si 0,6.

Dr. Lemon a mers mai departe incercand sa aplice estriolul in tratamentul propriu-zis al cancerului de san : el a cerut unui grup de femei avand cancer de san inoperabil ( cu metastaza osoasa ) sa ia cantitati  mari de E3. La sfarsitul perioadei de studiu , 40 % din paciente aveau cancerul in remisie. De aceasta data  subscriu si eu  la over / megadozare, avand in vedere ca pe timpul sarcinii nivelul de estriol  creste exponential ( de 1.000 ori si mai bine ), fara efecte toxice , dimpotriva.

– Cateva precautii  suplimentare :

–       se recomanda  administrarea  E3 nu oral ci topical ( transdermic );

–       echilibrarea cu progesterona  naturala este, de asemenea , recomandata

–       E3 protejeaza mai bine uterul daca este luat  intr-o singura doza  / zi.

–       Estriolul ramane activ ( in sange )  intre 4 – 60 minute, acoperirea eficienta implicand ( totusi ) doze multiple. Atentie la analiza  nivelului diurn al estrogenilor implicati in protejarea ” second feminity”: din cauza fluctuatiilor proba de analizat trebuie recoltata pe durata unei zile ( 24 ore).

3. Metoda cu bor , a fost prezentata deja in cadrul sectiunii  Pocket Medicine : Caterinca ( 1 ).

Preferintele mele pt. cele 3  metode :

1 ) 0% ( fiind comerciala, vizeaza  exclusiv  profitul maxim si nu sanatatea pacientelor ); susceptibila totusi de ameliorari dar pana atunci…

2) 45 % (estriolul merita toata increderea; ceea ce   ii reprosez procedeului este caracterul extrinsec: ceva este adaugat dinafara, uneori fara analize  sistematice, etc. );

3) 55% : este un procedeu intrinsec, care  presupune o imbunatatire dinauntru a reglajului metabolic, incluzand  activarea adrenalelor deci o rejuvenare a intregului sistem endocrin/ energetic si, ca urmare, a personalitatii ca sistem, atingandu-se obiective aflate mult dincolo de…hot flashes and &.


Avertisment : Tinand cont ca hormonii sunt substante cu inalta activitate biologica, recomand in mod insistent ca informatia  continuta pe acest post sa fie  receptata nu ca o indicatie medicala nemijlocita  ci doar ca o sursa alternativa de sugestii, pt. dv. si medicul dv. personal sau de familie.

5.3 Cancerul de san – o ampla batalie pentru re-evaluarea timpului: time is money vs. TIME IS LIFE!

In ultimii ani in aria  cancerului de san , strajuita cu  o agresiva vigilenta de catre   persoanele si institutiile  legate prin enorme  interese financiare  de industria mamografiei , se desfasoara lupte necrutatoare, in joc fiind atat  miza de  multe miliarde de dolari cat si reformularea unei reguli nescrise dar  nenegociabile : invingatorul ia tot. Pana  recent , liderul autoritar in aceasta lupta – mamografia – sprijinita de  establishmentul medical   American : NCI ( National Cancer Institute ) si ACS ( American Cancer Society ) si de marile companii  chimico- farmaceutice (  DuPont, Eastman Kodak , Piker,…) precum si de  media,  si-a aparat cu succes hegemonia absoluta , impunand autoritar  regulile jocului.  Dupa  publicarea  in  prestigioasa revista Archives of Internal Medicine ( in noiembrie  2008, editor: Rita F. Redberg, MD, MSC )  a de acum celebrului “ Studiu Norvegian “ intitulat  “ Despre istoria naturala  a cancerelor  de san invasive detectate  prin “ screening mamography “ ceva  important s-a intamplat, prilejuind o tranzitie  promitatoare  care, in perceptia mea , ar putea fi redata astfel : trecerea de la  strategia “ cainii latra – caravana trece “ la  “ caravana se opreste si ocupa pozitii de lupta “. Semn bun desi nu suficient de consistent ! Oricum , in aceasta lupta fara menajamente  intre armatele “ Money “ si armatele “ LIFE “ , victoria  trebuie sa revina  pana la urma vietii. Cat va dura acest “ pana la urma “ depinde insa , in mare masura, de persistenta atitudinii “ atemporale “ a milioanelor de femei implicate  care , aidoma  admirabilei Olivia Newton – John, au luat drept  litera de evanghelie  argumentele  “ medicale “ subtiri , extrem de subtiri , furnizate generos de  mamografisti, luand  cu asalt centrele lor de  screening precum si clinicile de tratament  conventional, corelativ. Mai mult , de pe pozitia  speciala a  supravietuitorului in lupta cu cancerul , Olivia Newton – John a preluat intocmai si  promoveaza public de ani buni ideile de baza ale industriei mamografice afirmand cu o convingere demna de cauze mai bune ca :  notiunea de “ remisie “ ( vindecare spontana ) in cancerul de san este una  “ negativa “ (in sensul de iluzorie, demobilizatoare }; ca detectarea  mamografica timpurie, cat mai timpurie , urmata de un tratament conventional  la fel de grabit  ar reprezenta calea cea mai directa  spre  controlul efectiv al cancerului. Studiul norvegian la care m-am referit deja , datorat unor specialisti de prim rang  ( medical doctori si  PhD ) precum si luarile de pozitie ale   altor numerosi  doctori  prestigiosi ( nu neaparat alternativi! ), scot in relief  un adevar socant si anume ca  fiecare dintre  conceptele / ideile  mentionate mai sus – precum si toate la un loc ! – sunt tot atatea mistificari  menite sa asigure nu controlul  cancerului ci… al banilor.

In cele ce urmeaza voi  incerca sa  prezint pe scurt multiplele  fatete  ale acestui adevar  cu speranta  ca  cititoarele acestui blog vor fi mai bine informate asupra  esentei  acestei batalii pentru re-evaluarea timpului si vor lua decizii personale conforme cu interesele lor  reale , profunde. Deocamdata , pentru cei / cele  care doresc sa  citeasca extensiv, in original studiul norvegian , ofer datele exacte  necesare : “ The Natural History  of Invasive  Breast Cancer Detected  by Screening Mammography, autori :  Per-Henrik Zahl, MD , PH D; Jan Maehlen, MD, PhD; H.Gilbert Welch, MD , MPH – Arch Intern Med. 2008: 168 ( 21 ): 2311 – 2316.

Remisia spontana – un concept pozitiv !

Spre deosebire de alte cancere ( renal, melanoma, de exemplu )  despre a caror remisiune spontana existau deja  comunicari sistematice , acceptate de comunitatea medicala, in privinta cancerelor ( invazive ! ) de san , astfel de evolutii  vin ca o surpriza iar ipotetica lor pondere ( in jur de 20 % din total ! ) trimite la incredibil. Iata de ce,  chiar si in prezent, studiul norvegian este  considerat  inca ” highly controversial “. Iata pe scurt continutul de idei al  acestui studiu  care este de fapt  un ingenios experiment natural care nu face altceva decat sa restabileasca un adevar simplu pe care medicina moderna a reusit sa-l  uite cu desavarsire : vindecarea nu este apanajul doctorilor sau drug-urilor ci vine dinauntru , organismul , cu resursele lui  ( traditional ignorate ) fiind adevaratul vector al vindecarii.In Norvegia  au fost alese 2 grupuri ( cohorts ) de femei de varste comparabile ( 50-64 ani ) carora li s-a administrat in mod diferentiat screeningul mamografic pe parcursul a 6 ani: cohort  MS ( multiple screening ) si control cohort SS ( single screening , programat strategic la final ). In cei 6 ani incidenta cumulativa a  cancerelor de san invazive a fost net diferita : 1909 in grupul MS  fata de  1564 in grupul de control, ambele cifre raportandu-se la femei.Interpretarea data de autori : diferenta clara dintre cele 2 grupuri sugereaza ca unele cancere de san invazive  se vindeca spontan si intr-o proportie mai mare decat cele mai optimiste asteptari.Cu alte cuvinte : rezulta ca 20 % din femeile  apartinand cohortei MS  au primit tratamente NENECESARE ( nu putine letale ),   intrucat tumorile lor ar fi disparut oricum , de la sine! Daca acest lucru corespunde adevarului, atunci, tinand cont ca situatia se repeta an de an, zi de zi,…si nu doar  in Norvegia, este aproape imposibil sa-ti stavilesti lacrimile calculand cate fiinte dragi noua au fost chinuite sau chiar au platit cu viata,  in mod inutil, in temeiul unei vinovate prejudecati exprimata cu o savanta  neutralitate :  ” remisia spontana este un concept negativ “. Evident , pentru noi toti,  mult mai important decat  regretul retroactiv , oricat de mare ar fi el, este  intelegerea noii situatii si raportarea  , in cunostinta de cauza , la prezent / viitor , spre exemplu , ce trebuie  facut  ca aceste procente spontane fabuloase  ( 20 ) sa devina  30 ,40 , 50…? Iata cateva sugestii :

1. O explicatie  probabila a  remisiunii spontane  o constituie – in opinia mea –  regenerarea pe parcurs a sistemului imun, a carui depresie initiala  s-a datorat unui stres excesiv, prelungit.In adevar, se cunoaste ca excesul de cortisol in sistem determina :  depresia sistemului imun ( poarta deschisa cancerizarii); epuizarea   glandelor adrenale si a tiroidei ; dereglarea  metabolismului mineral si general;  rezistenta la insulina ( IR ), etc. Deci : la primele semne  de anomalii structurale ale sanilor  ( lumpi, etc. ) primul lucru care trebuie  sa va retina  atentia   trebuie sa fie nu …mamografia ci analiza serioasa , obiectiva a surselor majore de stres din viata personala si eliminarea  neintarziata a acestora ! Sanii reprezinta antenele sufletului in relatia complexa , uneori destructiva , cu lumea inconjuratoare, receptati cu atentie maxima mesajul lor  spiritual care, in mod normal,  trebuie sa aiba intensitatea unui tipat prelungit ( ! ) si procedati in consecinta, trecand peste orgolii , calcule meschine , etc.

2. Extrem de importanta devine  stabilirea tipului de tumoare ( agresiva sau potential regresiva ): nu toate tumorile se  supun  remisiei spontane ! In cazul unor tumori agresive  puteti recurge  la orice metodologie forte , inclusiv la mamografie si  chemoterapie, etc. Cum putem cunoaste ce tip de tumoare avem ? Sugestia mea :

a. faceti  periodic analiza hormonilor ( din saliva ) la un laborator  de calitate . In functie de proportia dintre hormonii  estriol / estradiol se pot face aprecieri pertinente asupra  evolutiei tumorii: reveniti la Caterinca 5.2 ( ipoteza Dr. Lemon ) si concluzionati : cu cat EQ  este mai mare  cu atat tumoarea este mai eficient controlata de sistemul imun.

b. Sonogramele high tech pot fi de asemenea utilizate in stabilirea agresivitatii unei tumori, pe baza masurarii alterarii locale a fluxului sanguin : o tumoare cu flux   slab denota  o conditie statica , de diminuare.



1.Nimeni nu este expert in” non-einsteinian physics”. In primul rand..Einstein !

Un cititor ” atent si calificat ” al acestui site considera absolut inacceptabil modul in care eu tratez  problema timpului si teoria relativitatii speciale in primul rand, precum  si alte cateva contributii  stiintifice , inclusiv metodologice , datorate lui Einstein, somandu-ma ca pe viitor sa fac o distinctie neta intre o teorie  ( multiplu probata si cvasiunanim acceptata de comunitatea stiintifica ) si pletora de ipoteze ” mai mult sau mai putin fanteziste ”  care face / fac deliciul cititorilor nespecialisti. Ma folosesc de ocazie pt. a multumi tuturor cititorilor mei statornici , care  gasesc acest blog deopotriva…  fantezist si delicios, ce mi-as putea dori in plus? Totodata, ii multumesc si  lui A.M. pt. atentionare dar imi permit, in acelasi timp, sa-l invit sa-si reconsidere , daca ii sta in putinta , propria sa pozitie metodologica pe care eu o apreciez ca  revoluta si confuza. Mai intai vreau sa remarc ca ne situam pe platforme logice  diferite : el practica o logica   de tip  cartesian ” either / or ” , in vreme ce eu promovez   logica noua , contemporana de tip syntegrativ: both / and ( care, evident , nu o ignora ci o generalizeaza pe prima , considerand-o doar un caz particular ).

In plan general,  devine  tot mai evident ca fizica lui Einstein este o fizica  particulara si anume o fizica limitata la sistemele  STABILE  si relativ integrabile, fara interactiuni / rezonante definitorii ( nu intamplator , Einstein s-a simtit ca acasa in lumea monadelor leibniziene; atentie, totusi:  la o analiza mai subtila monadele amintite se deschid – prin oglindire – spre nelocalitate si inseparabilitate! Daca monadele  au facut-o, n-ar fi timpul ca si A.M….? ). Metodologia care il defineste pe Einstein este realismul local fiind  incompatibila cu  dezvoltarile majore din fizica actuala pentru care  nelocalitatea si inseparabilitatea reprezinta un referential sine qua non. Rationalitatea einsteiniana  este  in ansamblu  una linear – analitica in vreme ce  cunoasterea contemporana – centrata pe sistemele instabile – are la baza o rationalitate de tip nou – nelineara ( mentionez ca acest concept neclasic ” rationalitatea  nelineara ” a fost introdus de mine nu in ” cadrul anonim al unui blog ambitios ”  ci  la Congresul Mondial de  filosofia stiintei tinut la Uppsala – Suedia in 1991 ). Eu nu neg asadar validitatea ( locala ! ) a relativitatii speciale dar afirm in mod raspicat : localitatea este doar un caz particular al nelocalitatii ( vezi ” About US ” pe  acest site ), dupa cum  realul este doar un subsistem al potentialului – posibil, ceea ce inseamna ca, in acest ultim domeniu fizic,  curbura timpului = 1 ca si intreaga conceptie fizica  einsteiniana,  trebuie sa lase locul unor  dezvoltari noi, generalizate ( alte concepte , alte teorii , alte principii metodologice ). La intrebarea in doi peri ” si alte formule ? ” nu am alt raspuns decat ” de ce nu? “, fiind foarte probabil ca in toate formulele fizicii traditionale  , pentru care stabilitatea era implicit admisa si, corelativ , anumiti coeficienti aveau ( ca in  cazul curburii timpului ) valori egale cu 1( neaparand in ecuatii ), daca ( si unde ) instabilitatea devine decisiva , vom avea nevoie de alti coeficienti  – supraunitari sau subunitari. Nu omiteti un fapt extraordinar : dupa 1960 intreaga cunoastere stiintifica s-a detasat de orizontul traditional , patrunzand intr-un orizont nou, plin de surprize , organizat pe cu totul alte baze metodologiceorizontul sistemelor dinamice complexe.

Va fi o placere reala pt. mine sa va intalnesc cat mai frecvent  in acest univers nou , non-einsteinian,  in care Einstein insusi s-a oprit undeva la intrare , facand o figura de musafir distins dar dezorientat.

2. Recviem pentru Lena

Intalnirea mea cu  Lena s-a desfasurat intr-un week-end de mai, intr-un oras…neutru si a durat  ceva mai mult de 5 ore. Ma indreptasem spre  locul intalnirii cu  un buchet de sperante dintre care cea mai importanta  era sa descopar ( dupa ani de separatie si de cautari aproape disperate ) in Lena cea ce eu numesc “ o femeie dedicata ” ( adica sa aiba  suflet, sa nu stea lipita de oglinda sau de cantarul din baie , sa-si faca din familie / copii / natura un fel de cult ).Titlul  – putin excesiv –  avertizeaza deja ca n-a fost deloc asa: am descoperit in Lena o banateanca  mai frumoasa decat  ma asteptam ( bruna cu ochi de azur si cu un zambet tandru, chemator  ) dar…dincolo de toate acestea – un robot desavarsit , programat ( inca de parinti ) sa fie  nu atat fericit cat confortabil. Prima surpriza a venit dinspre copii : ” Nu mi-au placut niciodata copiii, eu am fost singura la parinti – doi medici – si…singura am ramas. Casatoria mea, din Romania ,  a fost un esec care a durat aproape 3 ani ( Lena are 39 ani ). Nu cred ca viata actuala  e  favorabila familiilor cu copii, uita-te ce destine li se  ofera: fetele – prostituate  ( eventual de lux ) , baietii chelneri ( eventual bisnitari ). Iar mamele , ca sotia ta  Natasa , pe care am inteles-o total in dorinta ei de emancipare  dupa ce a crescut 6 copii, nu pot evita orice ar face alura de sluga pe viata, duhnind a rantas, muraturi  si  Dero..”

Cand i-am  prezentat  Lenei  fotografia  fostei mele sotii – una de pe vremea ” emanciparii ” , pe care , la indemnul ei o reproduc alaturi- a fost efectiv socata: nici urma de  “alura de sluga” , a recunoscut ea , pare mai curand sora decat mama fetei tale. M-a privit lung si a continuat: femeia aceasta nu a fost  o nefericita!  ( “Poza ” se numeste ” 2 Natase ” – I si II; fiica mea – Natasa II,  este casatorita , sanatoasa si…mama a 3 copii. S-a nascut odata cu toti copiii lumii  : de 1 iunie ).

Dincolo de aceste aspecte mai personale , Lena este o adevarata revelatie culturala si  principala  decizie  privind viitorul nostru…intelectual se va  materializa  pe acest site sub forma unor ” Interviuri Madrilene “ pline de nerv si  informatii -soc datorate in primul rand modului ei  curios de a vedea / articula lucrurile. De ce ” Madrilene” ? Simplu : la despartire, seara tarziu, i-am marturisit : sa stii ca parintii tai au gresit numindu-te plat  Marilena. Esti atat de…spanioloaica incat eu n-am sa-ti pot spune decat …” La revedere, Madrilena”. Intercalarea acestui  ” d ” mediteranian i-a placut atat de mult incat a iesit pret de  o clipa din logica ei mecanicista si m-a sarutat apasat. Insuficient, totusi,  pentru o…schimbare radicala a titlului.

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Youre so right. Im there with you. Your weblog is certainly worth a read if anyone comes throughout it. Im lucky I did because now Ive received a whole new view of this. I didnt realise that this issue was so important and so universal. You surely put it in perspective for me.

Per Karlqvist

December 25, 2010 at 1:55 pm

Quite insightful submit. Never believed that it was this simple after all. I had spent a good deal of my time looking for someone to explain this subject clearly and you’re the only one that ever did that. Kudos to you! Keep it up


Adrenal glands and…Linus Pauling

This post has two distinct parts – one practical through which I help you immediately establish your adrenal glands state (a very important aspect because it concerns the functionality of the endocrine system and consequently your entire life strategy: from nutrition to state of mind (moods), and from memory to sexual potency); in the 2nd part is presented a critical evaluation of a very debated problem in nutrition and physiology, namely the metabolic meaning of over- / megadosing with ascorbic acid / Vitamin C – a  not so appropriate idea due to Linus Pauling, Nobel prize for Chemistry.

The shape of your adrenals

This problem, as previously stated, is fundamental and the most accurate solution to it would be the urine collection during a 24-hour period followed by the analysis of adrenal hormones, especially cortisol; if you are interested by an accurate determination the first step would be to select a highly specialized laboratory. In the following I will suggest some alternative methods, a little less accurate, but nonetheless indicative enough to determine the shape of your adrenals during the test. I will mention that the vast majority of the Western people (4/5 at least ! ) have underactive adrenals, therefore your chance to be included in this group (strongly and prolonged  stressed) is about 80%. For a more elaborated exposition of this problem ,  I strongly recommend the Dr. L. Wilson’s book ” Adrenal Fatigue – the 21 Century Stress Syndrome “.

  • The Sargent test:

Take a fork and gently to moderately stroke it against the interior of your forearm skin (about 10 cm length). If after 10-15 seconds the line(s) redden(s) there is a chance that your adrenals are in good shape (the red color being due to the normal  defensive, inflammatory mechanism). If the redness takes place later (about 60 seconds) your adrenals are probably underactive. An extreme exhaustion stage of adrenals is indicated by total perspiration inability.

  • Excessive craving for salt (salty foods)

as well as sweets ( fruits, juices, cookies ) and even the irrepressible inclination toward coffee and / or tobacco point too to adrenal weakness, the organism trying to repair the general lack of energy through stimulation, as well as the dehydration state through a forced, non-metabolic hydration; it is well known that the sodium and water loss is correlative with the cortisol and aldosterone deficiency. Anyway, if you try to ameliorate your dehydration by consuming salty foods do not forget to support your adrenals by ingesting choline bitartrate (250 mg x 2 per day).

  • Skin dehydration

By pinching your skin (best done on the back of your hand ) , if the skin fold persists several seconds (the skin not immediately returning to the initial condition) it can also be concluded that your adrenals are underactive and consequently your cortisol / aldosterone / sodium / hydration are all deficient.

What can be done? If you are interested to effectively improve your adrenal activity the first recommended step is to understand the mechanisms that led to this underactive state. A more detailed presentation of this problem can be found on this blog under the title “ Copper Overload – the Western Metabolic Bomb ”, especially useful to all people with underactive adrenals who are unable to normalize their intracellular copper excess, being exposed to ample metabolic risks, usually designated as stress syndrome and metabolic syndrome ( insulin resistance , IR ), due to some  complex , resonant mechanisms represented in a simplified form using the following scheme :

Cu ↑ → vit. C↓, choline ↓ ( stress and  adrenal deactivation )

Cu↑  → Ca↑  ( stress and obesity)

Cu↑  →  Cr↓ ( stress and metabolic syndrome = IR  )

Cu↑→ Mn↓, Zn↓,Se↓..( stress and hypothyroidism): T4 —⁄— T3

    Adrenal Deactivation

    It is a relatively slow process (which can also happen suddenly under the influence of some very intense emotional impulses such as the abrupt loss of someone close to you, a unforeseen bankruptcy, etc.), cumulative and still reversible. Biochemists have established a firm direct connection between stress, the shape of the adrenals and the intracellular copper excess: any kind of stress (physical, psychical, nutritional: coffee,..)  is always followed by excessive copper accumulation; here we are dealing with a vicious circle or a positive feedback: weak adrenals lead to higher intracellular copper and high intracellular copper leads to even lower adrenal activity. The toxicity of the intracellular copper stores is manifested through profound dysregulation of the mineral and general metabolism – this complex ( much beyond the standard oxidative toxicity ) effect was designated by me through the term “ interference toxicity ”, the scheme below  suggesting this real complexity just for the case of the  metabolic syndrome .

    The most direct negative influence triggered by the  copper excess (through de-retention of its antagonist: Zn, Mn, Se,…)  is exerted on the thyroid gland of which activity is drastically reduced (hypothyroidism). The typical bio-chemical sequence of this very common degenerative process is the following:

    Stress ↑  →  Cortisol ↑  →  MT (stress protein) ↑  →  Cu ↑  →   Hypothyroidism

    An alternative degenerative process, due to copper excess, is the correlative intracellular calcium buildup ( Cu↑  → Ca ↑), with a direct diminishing impact upon the metabolic rate resulting in additional fat accumulations (obesity). In this context you can commonly encounter the inexact phrase “copper is the greatest depressor of the metabolic rate / activity”, correctly being to incriminate not the copper itself (which is a vital mineral!) but only the copper excess (Cu↑) which is a totally different matter. Based on this model centered on the so-called copper bio-unavailability (explained for the first time in the section “Copper Overload – …” already mentioned) can suggest a shortest / direct pathway to adrenal activation: bio-mobilization of copper excess that can be accomplished in multiple ways, one of them (that I do not recommend it because it replaces one type of degeneration with another) consists in speculating the antagonistic relationship between Cu and vitamin C: through over- or megadosing of vitamin C the toxic copper deposit (calcium store also) is/ are really diminished, activating at the same time the adrenal glands (all these coming with a high metabolic price).  Therefore it is recommended to employ some synergistic procedures using concomitantly and in optimal doses (established by me after 2002) not just one but several members of copper antagonist family.

    Linus Pauling and adrenal glands: biology is not quite…chemistry

    The deficiencies of…Linus Pauling

    One of the defining features of modern medicine – one that we are still facing – is the undervaluation of the mineral system in normal and pathological physiology, especially the ignoring / undervaluing of the mineral individual status. Linus Pauling – one of the greatest chemists of all time – has brought to attention the mineral role in health or sickness releasing the following famous adagio: “ Every disease could be ultimately traced back to a mineral deficiency.” I consider this statement as being inexact and in section “Copper Overload – ..” I clearly show that the mineral excess should be blamed, the excess copper being the one determining (especially through de-retention) the deficiencies of all its antagonists: zinc, selenium, chromium, etc. In an improved version Pauling’s statement would be: Every disease could be ultimately traced back to a mineral imbalance.

    Another correction that has to be kept in mind concerns the fact that terms such as deficient, normal or excess do not correspond to a homogenous situation, easy to be generalized, but represent just as many individual determinations: what is perfectly normal for some could constitute deficiency or excess for others. Both just mentioned corrections make the theoretical and applicative value of Pauling’s adagio to be drastically diminished.

    The excesses of Linus Pauling

    Is vitamin C megadosing (procedure mainly promoted by L. Pauling) seeking a daily ingestion for everyone of 5 g – 20 g ascorbic acid a valid physiological procedure? (for the moment we are overlooking the fact that ascorbic acid is only the antioxidant part of the genuine vitamin C ).  Is overdosing with ascorbic acid an efficient therapeutic solution for the common cold or flu? To both questions, my answer, based on several decades of bio-chemical experience, is a negative one. The fact that the Western society is strongly stressed (and the stress of any nature equals excess cortisol / intracellular copper) has being the premise – methodologically fragile – of this megadosing procedure, because vitamin C as copper (and calcium ) antagonist really contributes to the diminishing of the toxic deposits of both minerals and correlatively to the activation of weakened adrenals, with certain beneficial ( and detrimental too ! ) effects upon health / well-being. But a word of caution: similar effects (equally positive or negative) may be obtained with any other copper antagonists, for example chromium and sulfur ( this fact omitted by Pauling and his followers has been verified by me at the Transilvania University – Brasov and later in Evanston – IL). Therefore are we going to need a new Pauling for every other copper antagonist ? To mention that overdosing with ascorbic acid is profoundly detrimental to patients with initial copper deficiency (leading to inflammation, infection) whilst for the patients with normal copper levels it is flatly not necessary. As previously shown, utilizing over / megadoses of ascorbic acid is unbalancing because even before normalizing the weak adrenals, the seric calcium is critically reduced, activating this way the PTH (para-thyroid hormone) with ample metabolic complications. Other important unbalances – found at some athletes who decided on trying not mega but just overdosing with ascorbic acid – are suggested by the following schema:

    Ascorbic acid ↑ → Ca ↓, Zn ↓, Mn ↓

    ( for those not used to read such schemas I underline that these are symptoms of sciatica, low energy and sexual insufficiency to some youngsters between 20-30 years ).

    In conclusion:

    If the overdose procedure would have been limited to the important – however modest – status of partial, temporary correction of copper excess through vitamin C supplementation everything would have been somewhat normal but then the procedure – and its promoters – would have reserved a subsidiary position analog to “take statins because you have high cholesterol.” Unfortunately we are dealing with an over solicitation of this procedure (as a distinct form of ortho medicine and nutrition) which unnecessarily raises principial problems since it involves:

    • Ignoring / undervaluing of metabolic complications;
    • Counterproductive application to certain social groups (see above)
    • Overlooking (special, analytical) the excess of antagonist minerals (copper, calcium) accompanied by the real risk of causing permanent deficiencies of the two vital minerals

    Vitamin C (ascorbic acid even more because it is actually a drug) has to be utilized in OPTIMAL amounts – not higher or lower – rigorously related to biochemical individuality. Violating of optimal condition (both positive or negative imbalances) is / are  punished by the organism in a rational, intelligible manner: the vitamin C excess leads to inflammations / infections due to functional copper deficiency established in the system (caution: a first sign of this state is the inflammation of the right eye), while vitamin C deficiency leads to degeneration due to the uncontrolled increase of toxic store of intracellular copper.

    Worth mentioning: the efficient maintaining of quality of life / living is attained not as much through overdosing of copper antagonists (vitamin C, sulfur, chromium, etc.) but rather through identifying and decisive elimination of excessive stress sources from personal life.

    Pocket Medicine : Caterinca ( 4 )

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    Adrenalele si … Linus Pauling

    Articolul  are 2 parti distincte – una practica , prin care  va ajut sa va stabiliti imediat    starea  efectiva a adrenalelor ( aspect extrem de important intrucat de el depinde functionarea  sistemului endocrin precum si intreaga strategie a vietii personale, inclusiv sau mai ales a intimitatii profunde: de la nutritie la starile de spirit si de la memorie la potenta / apetitul sexual );  in partea a 2-a  prezint o evaluare critica a unei probleme mult dezbatute in literatura de specialitate ( nutritie , fiziologie ) anume semnificatia metabolica a over sau megadozarii cu  acid ascorbic / vitamina C , idee ( nu tocmai fericita ) datorata lui Linus Pauling – laureat Nobel pentru Chimie.

    1. Care va este starea adrenalelor ?

    Problema este , asa cum afirmam mai sus , redutabila si rezolvarea cea mai acurata este oferita de colectarea timp de 24 ore a urinei si analiza pe aceasta proba a cantitatii de hormoni adrenali, in deosebi cortisolul.Daca sunteti interesati de acuratetea determinarii primul pas este alegerea  unui laborator specializat. In cele ce urmeaza va sugerez cateva metode alternative, mai putin acurate , totusi suficient de indicative , pentru a sti care este starea adrenalelor in momentul  incercarii. Mentionez ca marea majoritate a populatiei West ( 4 /5 )  are adrenale subactive ( underactive adrenals ), deci sansa dv. de a intra in acest grup de persoane ( puternic si indelung marcate de stres ) este de 80 %.
    1a. Testul Sargent
    Luati o furculita si apasati usor spre moderat pielea de pe interiorul bratului spre cot , pe o lungime de 10-15 cm. Faceti 2 cronometrari : dupa 15 secunde daca urmele lasate de apasare s-au inrosit vizibil, reactia inflamatorie, de aparare  (  si, corelativ,  starea adrenalelor ) este buna. Daca inrosirea nu a aparut , refaceti observatia dupa 60 secunde ( primele 15 + alte 45 ) , daca de data asta rosul a devenit evident, aveti ceea ce… banuiam, adica adrenale slabe ( subactive ), care totusi sunt inca functionale. Un stadiu de epuizare extrema a adrenalelor este cel indicat prin starea de incapacitate de transpiratie.

    1b. Pofta excesiva de sare ( alimente sarate )
    precum si de dulciuri ( sucuri, fructe , prajituri ) si, nu mai putin , inclinatia irepresiva spre cafea si / sau fumat denota slabiciunea adrenalelor, organismul incercand sa repare starea generala de dezenergizare prin expediente ca stimularea, sau starea de dezhidratare printr-o hidratare fortata , nemetabolica ; pierderea de sodiu si de apa       ( totdeauna apa urmeaza sodiul ! ) este corelativa cu deficienta de cortisol, respectiv aldosterona . O ameliorare demna de considerare este ingerarea de colina ( sub forma de bitartrat sau citrat ,  250 mg de 2 ori pe zi, impreuna cu sarea sau alimentele sarate).

    1c. Dezhidratarea pielii
    Daca  va ciupiti pielea , cel mai bun loc fiind dosul mainii , iar cuta formata persista cateva secunde bune ( pielea nerevenind imediat la starea initiala ) puteti conclude , de asemenea, ca adrenalele  sunt subactive iar cortisolul si aldosterona / sodiul / hidratarea sunt deficiente.

    Ce e de facut ? Daca sunteti cu adevarat interesati de o ameliorare (activare ) a adrenalelor primul lucru care se recomanda este clarificarea mecanismelor prin care s-a ajuns la starea lor subactiva, pentru a incerca sa controlati situatia . Nu este greu! Sa incercam impreuna, simplificand intrucatva lucrurile ; o expunere detaliata , cvasi-completa a problemei o gasiti pe acest blog, vezi  sectiunea ” Copper Overload – the Western Metabolic Bomb ” sectiune foarte citita aici in America unde – pe motive de supralicitare emotionala – aproape 90 % din populatie este  constituita din  slow – oxidizers ( slow metabolizers ) – persoane cu  adrenale underactive sau exces de cupru intracelular pe care nu reusesc sa-l aduca la normal fiind astfel expusi la mari riscuri metabolice desemnate uzual prin termeni ca stress syndrome sau / si metabolic syndrome ( insulin resistance, IR ), datorita unor  mecanisme complexe , rezonante ( care comunica , putandu-se potenta  reciproc );   intr-o forma simplificata aceste mecanisme  pot fi  redate prin  schemele urmatoare :

    Cu ↑ → vit. C↓, colina ↓ ( stresul si dezactivarea adrenalelor )

    Cu↑  → Ca↑  ( stresul  si obezitatea )

    Cu↑  →  Cr↓ ( stresul  si ” metabolic syndrome ” = IR  );

    Cu↑ →  Mn↓, Zn↓, Se↓,… ( stresul si  hipotiroidismul : T4 —⁄— T3 )

    2. De-activarea adrenalelor

    Este un proces relativ lent ( care insa se poate produce si brusc, sub influenta unor stari emotionale deosebit de intense, cum ar fi pierderea subita a cuiva drag, un faliment total neprevazut , etc. ), cumulativ , totusi reversibil. Biochimistii au stabilit existenta unei legaturi directe intre stres, starea adrenalelor si excesul de cupru intracelular: stresul de orice natura ( fizic , psihic , nutritional: cafea, ceaiuri- alb, verde, negru,…) este insotit de acumularea excesiva de cupru; avem a face de fapt cu un adevarat cerc vicios sau feed back pozitiv : cu cat adrenalele slabesc cu atat excesul de cupru intracelular creste si concomitent   toxicitatea   complexa ( nu doar oxidativa ) a acestuia – numita de mine  ” interference toxicity ” – manifestata prin dereglarea profunda a metabolismului mineral si general ( urmariti implicatiile  multiple  schematizate mai jos doar pentru cazul asa-numitului ” metabolic syndrome ” ); cu cat cuprul din depozit creste cu atat adrenalele devin mai subactive.

    Cea mai directa influenta negativa este exercitata de excesul de cupru ( prin deretentia antagonistilor sai : Zn, Mn, Se,…) asupra tiroidei , a carei activitate este drastic redusa ( hipotiroidism) . Secventa biochimica tipica a acestui proces degenerativ este urmatoarea :
    Stres↑ → Cortisol↑ → MT ( proteina stresului )↑→ Cu↑ → Hipotiroidism

    Un aspect degenerativ corelativ , datorat excesului de cupru , il ofera cresterea excesiva a calciului intracelular           ( Cu↑→ Ca ↑ ), cu efecte directe asupra reducerii vitezei metabolice si a acumularii de grasimi ( obezitate ). In acest context , am intalnit adesea expresia  inexacta ” cuprul este cel mai mare depresor al activitatii ( ratei ) metabolice “; corect este sa incriminam nu cuprul ( care este un mineral vital ! ) ci doar excesul de cupru ( Cu ↑ ), ceea ce este cu totul altceva.
    Pe baza acestui model , centrat pe asa-numita bioindisponibilitate a cuprului, explicata pentru prima data in sectiunea ” Copper Overload….” deja mentionata, se poate sugera si cea mai directa cale de activare a adrenalelor : bio-disponibilizarea ( reducerea ) excesului de cupru ceea ce se poate realiza pe mai multe cai, una dintre ele    ( pe care eu nu o recomand , intrucat inlocuieste un tip de degenerare cu altul ) consista chiar in specularea relatiei de antagonism dintre cupru si vitamina C : prin over – sau megadozarea cu vitamina C depozitul toxic de cupru ( si de calciu ! ) se diminueaza in adevar , activandu-se totodata adrenalele. De preferat este insa utilizarea unor procedee  sinergetice , utilizand concomitent si in doze optime , stabilite de mine intre anii 2002 -2005, nu unul ci mai multi dintre antagonistii cuprului.

    3.Linus Pauling si adrenalele: biologia  nu este totusi… chimie !

    3a. Deficientele lui …Linus Pauling
    Una dintre trasaturile definitorii ale medicinii moderne – cu care continuam sa ne confruntam si in prezent – este subevaluarea rolului sistemului mineral in fiziologia normala si patologica , in particular ignorarea / subevaluarea statutului mineral individual. Linus Pauling – unul dintre cei mai mari chimisti din toate timpurile – a atras atentia asupra implicarii mineralelor in sanatate / boala lansand urmatorul adagiu celebru :
    ” Every disease could be ultimately traced back to a mineral deficiency . ” ( Oricare boala poate fi datorata, in cele din urma , unui deficit mineral ).
    Eu consider acest enunt inexact si , in sectiunea consacrata excesului de cupru la care m-am mai referit, arat fara niciun dubiu ca in cele din urma excesul mineral trebuie incriminat, cuprul excesiv fiind cel care determina ( prin deretentzie , in deosebi ) deficientele tuturor antagonistilor sai: zinc, seleniu, crom, etc.Intr-o forma ( intrucatva) actualizata  enuntul lui Pauling ar arata astfel : Every disease could be ultimately traced back to a mineral imbalance. O alta rectificare care trebuie avuta in vedere implica recunoasterea faptului ca termenii deficient, normal sau exces desemneaza nu o situatie omogena , usor de generalizat, ci tot atatea determinatii individuale : ceea ce este normal pentru unii poate constitui deficienta sau exces pentru altii. Ambele retusuri mentionate fac ca valoarea teoretica si practica  a adagiului paulingian sa fie drastic diminuata .

    3b. Excesele lui Linus Pauling
    Este megadozarea cu vitamina C ( al carei promotor principal a fost L. Pauling ) vizand ingerarea zilnica de catre oricine ( ! ) a 5 g – 20 g acid ascorbic un procedeu valid din punct de vedere fiziologic? ( nu insist, deocamdata , asupra  faptului ca acidul ascorbic nu reprezinta decat o parte din vitamina C propriu – zisa ). Se impune overdozarea cu acid ascorbic drept o solutie preventiv – curativa reala la raceala sau gripa ? La ambele intrebari raspunsul meu – bazat atat pe teorie cat si pe o practica de decenii- este categoric negativ. Faptul ca socetatea occidentala este puternic stresata ( iar stresul de orice natura , asa cum am mai afirmat, inseamna exces de cortisol si , in consecinta , exces de cupru intracelular), a constituit premisa – fragila din punct de vedere metodologic – a procedeului megadozarii intrucat vitamina C fiind un antagonist al cuprului ( si calciului ) contribuie in adevar la diminuarea stocurilor toxice ale acestor minerale si , corelativ , la intarirea adrenalelor slabite , cu efecte uneori benefice ( dar si cu riscuri metabolice majore ) asupra starii de sanatate. Dar atentie: efecte similare ( atat pozitive cat si negative ) pot fi obtinute  cu fiecare dintre antagonistii cuprului, de exemplu  cromul sau sulful ( acest fapt, omis de Pauling si de adeptii lui,  a fost verificat de mine la Universitatea Transilvania din Brasov si, ulterior, in USA – Evanston ).Vom avea asadar cate un Pauling pentru fiecare antagonist al cuprului ?De mentionat ca overdozarea cu acid ascorbic este profund daunatoare la pacientii avand deficienta initiala de cupru     ( conducand la inflamatie , infectii ) iar la cei cu nivele de cupru normale este neavenita. In adevar , utilizarea de doze excesive de vitamina C / acid ascorbic este dezechilibranta intrucat ( vezi si  episodul Caterinca #3 ) inca inainte de normalizarea adrenalelor este scazut in mod critic calciul seric , fiind activata secretia de PTH ( para tiroid hormon ) , cu ample complicatii metabolice. Alte dezechilibre profunde – pe care le-am intalnit la unii sportivi care s-au decis sa incerce nu mega ci doar overdozarea sunt sugerate de schema urmatoare :
    vitamina C↑↑→ Ca↓, Zn↓, Mn↓
    ( pentru cei care nu sunt obisnuiti sa citeasca astfel de scheme , subliniez ca este vorba despre simptome de sciatica , dezenergizare si…inapetenta sexuala la niste tineri de varste intre 20 – 30 ani ).

    In concluzie :
    daca procedeul overdozarii s-ar fi limitat la statutul important – totusi modest – de corectie  partiala / temporara a excesului de cupru prin suplimentare cu vitamina C , totul ar fi ramas undeva in zona  normalitatii, dar atunci procedeul – si promotorii lui – erau expediati  intr-o postura subsidiara de tipul ” luati  statine , aveti exces de colesterol.”  Supralicitarea procedeului     ( ca forma distincta de ortho – medicina si nutritie )  pune  insa in mod nenecesar  probleme principiale in masura in care implica:

    i. ignorarea complicatiilor metabolice ;

    ii. aplicarea contraproductiva la unele categorii sociale ( vezi mai sus);

    iii. neraportarea ( expresa, analitica ) la excesul de minerale antagoniste ( cupru, calciu ) implicand primejdia aducerii si mentinerii acestor minerale vitale la deficienta .

    Vitamina C (  acidul ascorbic cu atat mai mult, intrucat el este deja un drug / medicament ) trebuie utilizata in cantitati OPTIME – nici mai mari, nici mai mici – raportate riguros la individualitatea biochimica a fiecaruia. Incalcarea  optimalitatii ( cu alte cuvinte fenomenul de imbalance sau dezechilibrul intr-un sens sau altul ) este  sanctionata  de organism intr-un mod rational , inteligibil :  excesul  de vit. C  conduce  la  inflamatii / infectii ( datorita instalarii  deficientei de cupru functional in sistem; atentie : un prim semn  = inflamarea suparatoare a ochiului drept ! ), in vreme ce  deficienta de vit. C  conduce la degenerare datorita  cresterii scapate de sub control a depozitului toxic de cupru intracelular.

    De retinut :  controlul efectiv al calitatii vietii  se realizeaza nu prin utilizarea de cantitati  excesive de  antagonisti ai cuprului ( vit. C , sulf, crom, etc. ) ci prin eliminarea decisa a sursei  / surselor de stres excesiv ( distress ) din viata personala.



      MariLENA , Canada : Scuze pentru eroare ( mi-o asum integral ). M-am bucurat   sa aflu ca suntem  vecini  nu doar intru geografie ci si colegi ” intru filosofie ” asa ca  voi fi mai…direct, ca intre profesionisti: pt. mine  piesa nr. 1 de pe blog ( singura pe care as salva-o in caz de…incendiu ) este ” About US ” – toate celelalte nefiind decat …variatiuni pe o tema data. Reia About US  si o sa-mi dai dreptate. Un om de cultura autentic nu pune problema Marino / Noica in termeni cartesieni ” either / or ” ci  “ both / and “. Ambii au muscat , nu foarte adanc, din prajitura blestemata numita ” combinatia smechereasca ” dar au facut-o aproape la modul inocent ( poate mai inocent decat  acceptarea – indiscutabil conditionata! – a unei burse Humboldt ) ca raspuns la o intrebare sfredelitoare ( dupa ani de frustrare ! ): de ce nu ? Promit un medalion  ” Cicerone POGHIRC ” , merita! ( l-am cunoscut personal si stiu ca de-ar fi trait 3 vieti nu una , n-ar fi  capitulat – ca atatia altii : ” Dau un regat pentru un BMW ” ). Despre muzica  si, implicit , varste: muzica si sufletul sunt 2 entitati sacre, ingemanate  definitiv undeva beyond any corporal realm. Am 3 melodii preferate  nu una si nu le tin la  secret. Iata-le : 1. I have a dream ( Nana, vezi textul, e esential): 2. Una paloma blanca ( Demis , vezi textul again, mai ales referinta la zborul inalt si libertate! ); 3. Un copac cu flori ( Stefan si aici textul e esential ). Inchei ,punand , la randu-mi  o intrebare…cu cantec : Lena, nu crezi ca intre  criza  grecilor   si…Zorba    ( cantecul, atitudinea ) exista o legatura mult mai stransa decat cu …calitatea guvernarii elene actuale ?

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