The Conventional Medicine (CM) – a Business Against Nature

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The Cartesian medicine ( conventional or allopath ) has reached its competence limits – scientific, methodological and ethical.  Automatically guided, as well as the entire modern knowledge, toward failure into simulacrum, this type of medicine has proven to be non-fundamental, being disconnected from nature, from living being / subject, from genuine,  real  healing. Let me show you some of the main methodological minuses of the Cartesian, conventional medicine:

  • MC is not a natural science in itself and is not centered on one either: being an heteroclite conception, it ignores the genuine living being, usually promoting anti-living ( against nature ) treatments, such as the well known, traditional anti-cancer treatments: cut, poison, burn, which destroy without any discrimination the cancerous cells and normal, healthy cells, even though there is a well known / confirmed risk of tumor regeneration, sometimes after a couple of weeks / months. The more recent procedures characterized by less devastating interventions are not qualitative different because they continue to remain limited to the control of symptoms, leaving untouched the  cancer generator ( cause ).
  • Following the general development line of modern science / knowledge which  systematically de – individualizes  the studied systems,  CM became a no subject conception, working solely on a statistical basis.  From here the well known, simplistic clichés such as “ a pill for all “ or prescribing standard drug dosages, even though it is well documented that the specifications such as excess / deficiency / normal are  individual par excellence: what is normal for some, it could be an excess or deficiency for others.
  • For CM genuine healing concept does not exist, or is irrelevant, being replaced with a conceptual – operational artifact of the following type “ to match drugs ( remedies ) to symptoms ( outcomes ) “.  Moreover, the regular drugs (  indisputable useful in many crisis situations ! ) cannot even contribute to genuine healing, since they are structurally and functionally foreign to the living organism.
  • CM is also uninterested by the natural history of the condition ( how is the disease course without any medical treatment ).  Integrative doctors, without negating the existence within allopathic medicine of some healing performances ( including in area of  advanced / invasive cancers ) still remain interested by natural recoveries ( spontaneous remissions ) cases, their frequency being  higher than any traditional expectations.
  • The growing role played within CM by screening /  diagnosis procedures ( mammograms and biopsies  )  are threatening the well being and even life of patients. More and more doctors, allopathic included, have brought to the attention that mammograms themselves increase the annual cancer rate by about 3%.  By now the well known Norwegian study from Nov. / Dec. 2008 ( to which I will later return ) confirms these findings, suggesting for breast cancer even higher annual rates (4% or circa 20% within 5 years).  As expected, CM aristocracy became very … vocal towards this study, asserting that it represents an over simplification of a complex situation (understandable: the modern screening even though a routine activity is extremely profitable ).


The above aspects ( and even more similar ones ) should not be seen as a call for indiscriminate demolishing of the traditional medicine, conversely, I want to highlight now that this form of medicine had / has indisputable contributions ( sometimes really heroic ) to the preservation of the well being of planet’s population, BUT presently, especially due to some methodological requirements, the entire situation has been radicalized: there is an imperative need to change the concept of medicine itself and, correlatively,  the way the medical assistance is provided, being necessary a transition to a NEW MEDICINE, which instead of dissolving the individual in statistics, to rely on individualized healing approaches  which could be objectively tested / scanned and specifically /efficiently  influenced, including through some remote actions  ( nonlocality ).  This objective is expressed not just by European doctors or by the methodologists of Asian inspiration ( Taoist, etc. ) but equally by numerous, more numerous American specialists ( doctors, biologists ).  I will exemplify this by using the call to a change dealing with “ a system driven approach to medicine “ ( to read a Holistic – type of medicine ), launched by Dr. L. E. HOOD – Institute for System Biology, Seattle – project known as “ P4 Medicine “ , according to which the new medicine has to be:  Predictive, Preventive, Personalized, Participative. Intentionally or not, Dr. Hood has omitted a 5th P, which in my opinion, should find itself on the top of the list – Psychotherapy ( in broad sense ); if this omission of a spiritual factor comes from the fear to be suspected by…shamanism, I have to recognize that yes, this danger is still a real one.  At the same time, Dr. Larry DOSSEY has conclusively and elegantly demonstrated, that this risk should be assumed without any reserves, but…not every Saul becomes Paul.

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