Healing in Broad Sense. From Penrose – Heidegger Track to Hamer’s Generators

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This article is dedicated to the rapport between authenticity and living being.  According to the dynamic diagram reproduced on the left ( in which the reader will recognize Fig. 9 from latter text, up righted) you can be authentic in only one way (the green axis, suggested by Heideggerian Er-eignis, axis that I will call Penrose – Heidegger track, but you can be / become unauthentic in many different ways / modalities / illnesses ( represented by the red lines in the diagram) under the action of a counterfeit essence designated by Heidegger as Ge-stell.  Obliged by the everyday life, under dramatic circumstances, to choose between Ereignis – authenticity and Gestell – unauthenticity, Dr. Ryke Geerd HAMER , did not hesitate to prefer authenticity, providing us with a methodological, moral lesson about the place and the role of a person in Nature, as well as  the Nature’s essential role in our life.  This unique lesson, expressed by the phrase “New German Medicine” permanently guided me into my elaboration of the category “ Genuine Healing or Healing in Broad Sense” represented in the above diagram by  return of the red deviations to the original essence of the living being ( the green axis).  See how Dr. Hamer himself described ( in 2005 ) the unusual high price paid for his option: “ Back in 1986 my approbation was revoked, because of my refusal to renounce the iron law of cancer and my non-conversion to traditional medicine.  For 24 years now I have been chased, threatened, prosecuted and thrown into jail twice, although I have done nothing wrong – except to rediscover this wonderful New Medicine with its 5 Biological Laws of Nature, a medicine that has always existed and will always exist…”


As well as some other modern knowledge categories (time, genesis, conscience, becoming, etc) healing and prevention were wrongly settled in the frame of modern medicine, the main methodological minuses deriving from an abstract, in itself approach:

– the separation between the patient and his history and  milieu;

– neglecting the spiritual factor ( the body being considered detached from or even opposed to the soul );

– neglecting or undervaluing the accurate causal relation : promotion of modulators instead of generator, or simply ignoring the etiologic moment;

-local analytical approach of the illnesses development ( shrinking  tumor, etc.) without considering the patient’s attitude / options  about life ( lifestyle );

– the individual dissolution  ( metabolic type, gender, age… ) into statistics, etc.

A New Structure of Causal Relation: from Cause to Generator

Centered on separability, modern medicine (as the entire modern science) promoted a univoque, local, irreversible and immediate causal relation:

Cause1 → Effect1

According to this schema the cause precedes and is rigidly separated from effect, the latter being completely unable to influence the cause. In the preceding schema some operational flexibility has been introduced by conditions, susceptible to induce some non-essential modifications of the effect. After 1960, due to systematic study of complex dynamic systems, the above schema proved overwhelmed, counterproductive, more and more authors indicating that the non-linearity and non-equilibrium states require a new space of possibilities, that, due to some interactive feed-backs, the new causal relation ceases to be centered on traditional separability  / localization; in the following I present two simple examples of cause / effect inseparability. Note:  these examples do not belong anymore within modern medicine, because nobody can clearly show which one is really the cause or the effect:

Diabetes ↔ Magnesium deficiency

Inflammation ↔ Free radicals

In this new context due to increased sensitivity, fluctuations may play an essential role in the selection of alternative ways  of system  development (see Fig. 6,  section “Alive in Broad Sense ”).  Moreover, due to interference (mediation being a rule in a complex system) action’s propagation in the new causal model may be subject to significant delays (as in the case of carcinogenesis ).  Presently it became clear to many that classic causal management actually was nothing else than a local, reductionist manipulation.

The new structure of causal relation definitely discards the old, Cartesian concepts  of cause in itself and effect in itself, these two being synthesized / united in a new category of Generator ( that determines the nature of the system / process ) while the other new category – modulators (corresponding to the old category of conditions) is limited to the alteration of the states of the system within its given nature. To note that the new concepts ( generators and modulators ) bring the causation category very close to genesis, opening the causation to the potential possible ( this significant aspect I have thoroughly discussed with Prof. Prigogine ).  One very convincing example is provided by the section entitled “ Copper Overload – the Western Metabolic Bomb ”: the true generator of all chronic diseases is the emotional factor ( ≈ stress, expressed by me as EPS ), respectively in a biochemical context, excessive intracellular copper deposit, generating a master endocrine – energetic imbalance ( this imbalance making any authentic healing impossible). Obviously, the inflammation, infection, dehydration, etc. are not generators but rather positive or negative modulators.  Identifying the genuine generator in a complex situation may prove difficult; instead , there is  a  facile temptation to substitute one or more modulators to the right generator. This idea can be easily highlighted by the unending series of “generators” of chronic diseases suggested by different authors:

  1. Overacidity  ( acid saturation): G. Crile
  2. Infection; inflammation;
  3. Malnutrition (improper diet);
  4. Insulin Resistance;
  5. Mineral Deficiencies: L. Pauling. Evidently, Pauling would have been closer to the truth using a more accurate formula: mineral imbalances;
  6. Stomach acid, etc.

Healing in Broad Sense – Biochemical Meaning

The biochemical generator of all chronic diseases is the intracellular copper overload ( Cu↑) and correlatively the underactive  adrenal glands.  Actually the entire history of chronic diseases is centered on a positive feed-back: the more intense and long lasting is the emotional conflict the more the copper deposit increases and adrenals become underactive ( this mean: aldosterone, sodium and ceruloplasmin deficiencies ).  The most efficient way to diminish the copper overload ( biochemical healing) consists in adrenal glands activation, involving the normalization of aldosterone, sodium ( which allows Cu↑ dissolving ) and  of ceruloplasmin ( secreted by the liver, it binds and removes the released copper).  The healing process can be boosted by a series of modulators (vitamin C, chromium, etc.). For details see the section ” Copper Overload – the Western Metabolic Bomb “. Note: to be efficient the  ” biochemical  meaning / circuit  ”  should be  tightly articulated with  the ” biological meaning / circuit ” ( and  conversely ); remember: first of all you have to discover the main source of stress  ( named by me  the ” Hamer’s Generator ” ) and to  neutralize  this  ”  fuse bomb”  ( = conflict – shock ) !

Healing in Broad Sense – Biological Meaning. Happiness – a quantum issue

To better understand the biological meaning of healing it is welcomed a brief elaboration on  Penrose – Heidegger track, about its constitutive significance for genuine living.  According to R. Penrose, the natural premise of the conscience / subjectivity is constituted by a quantum superposition of some proto-conscious states under the form of a series of spin quantum network found in the deepest existence; the granular structure of this level ( Planck scale: 10 – 33 cm) privileges postulation of an  informational essence of Qualia type ( something like the distinct  Plato’s Eidos ).  Joining through spontaneous reduction of this potential  “ original essence ” ( non-self ) with some specialized brain structures (microtubules / proteins : Stuart HAMEROFF ) generates the conscience itself as some “ real essences ” ( self ), more or less resembling the initial model. 

The  propensity to overlapping with the original essence, which acts as a specific / distinct attractor of every living being , including animals and plants, is “ rewarded  ” by Nature with an optimum coherence and harmony ( both internal and external ) while gradual decoupling from the original essence ( Fig. 9, right side) means  loss of harmony, separation of Universe, people and yourself ( energetical blocks  in biosystem, loss of balance / homeostasis). The small deviations or fluctuant differences between real / potential do not lead necesarilly to conflictual situations.  Note: the decoupling of the two essences ( self / non-self )  may be the result of some options (decisions, behaviors) against Nature due to the person or his / her fellow beings ( partners ); as a rule, similar events are produced unexpectedly being characterized as “ conflict – shock ”.

Fig.9 is a geometrized representation of physical relations between the original essence ( Penrose – Heidegger track), electric being ( the one receiving by resonance / synchronization the messages coming from potential – possible and guiding the generation / regeneration of the solid being through electro-magnetic currents (perineural in the regeneration case, according to Dr. Robert BECKER).

Even in extreme cases, when counterfeit ( self ) essence becomes predominant, the Nature – which promotes the wholes, equally disallowing their destruction or even their excessive disturbance – gives to the living being one last chance: salvation / healing / re-harmonizing or …. disappearance. This explains why all over the world, the lasting reality around us  is not a random one but rather a tuned reality: brain, organism, Earth ( see Gaia model ), Universe.. being predominantly coherent wholes. In this context, the cancer does not constitute a death sentence or a Nature’ s  organizational error  but rather a grave warning that the living essence is oriented against Nature and, correlatively,  the existence of living being is from now on put in terms of the above dilemma ( re-harmonizing or disappearance ).

File:Editing copia.JPG

Particularly significant is the fact that usually happy people do not get cancer ( the happiness state might be represented by ideal overlapping of the two essences – non-self and self ); the Nature’ s programmed urge coming  through Penrose – Heidegger track  is hence  very  clear: BE HAPPY! It can be claimed that the most of those who died from cancer have chosen….disappearance, being, for any reason, unable to redeem themselves, to get happy.  I prove this by quoting a medical doctor and a patient, who both outstandingly fought against cancer from two different standpoints.

Dr. Keith SCOTT – MUMBY, MD, PhD:

“If you heed the warnings and put the matter right you will be quite safe. Many people have had cause to BLESS the fact that they got cancer: it alerted them to the fact that their life was wildly off track (the red deviations, my underline FF) and that they must do something effective to put matters right – or pay the ultimate price.”

And now one of the most remarkable patients – Olivia NEWTON – JOHN, who  in 1992 fought impressively against her breast cancer, winning this battle, so that now at 61 years she looks remarkably young, being very balanced and opened toward those less fortunate and having toward Nature a very special constructive relation:

“My cancer scare changed my life. I’m grateful for every new, healthy day I have. It has helped me prioritize my life.”

If my message will reach Florida (where O.N.-J. now happily lives together with her second husband – John Easterling ) and if she considers that the model with Hamer’s generators corresponds to the scientific and individual truth, it will be very instructive to us all, if Olivia could describe her emotional conflict DHS which started her illness and how she managed to positively end the conflict, re-harmonizing herself and her relationship with Nature. I must mention that nobody made her aware that she was under the special and eventual lethal action of one or many automatic generators – as old as 1-2 years: divorce, bankruptcy, etc. – which should be identified with maximum accuracy and properly neutralized.

Re-connecting  Nature and Living Being. Hamer’s Generator

The emotional link between the woman and her beloved (mother, children, and partner) is accomplished biologically through breast.  Breast cancers – as well as other cancers and equivalent conditions – are based on Hamer’s Generator, which represents an automatic, predetermined track (programmed through historical evolution) which simultaneously binds the following subsystems: psyche / brain / organ.

  1. PSYCHE (= conflict – shock, which the patient feels in a very personalized manner, this specific, unique perception determines the detailed way followed by the generator itself ). Marked by DHS, the conflict – shock constitutes the focal point of GNM (German New Medicine). Even more, I consider that exactly at this level the coupling between the Penrose – Heidegger track and Hammer’s generator occurs. If things really do follow this course – and I do have this conviction – this means that for the first time after more than three centuries of Cartesianism, due especially to Roger Penrose and R.G. Hamer’s efforts, we have succeeded to re-establish the live union between Nature and human being ( matter / spirit, body /soul ) in a direct manner, equally controllable and measurable in real time. Don’t forget the outstanding contribution of  Stuart Hameroff to this non – Cartesian cognitive progress : I think  Stuart ( due to his  proved inter-disciplinary  formation / intuitions ! ) is  by far the most qualified person in the world to  elaborate  in details  the  Penrose – Hamer articulation .
  2. BRAIN: the specific localization of biological conflict ( “relay” designated by HH ) represents a lesion on the brain as some concentric circles, whose development can be followed in real time via C.T. scanning.  Further, the relay directs the generator toward the tissue / organ target. Note : recently ( in 2009 ) a modern expert  in brain cancers , and in CT scanning too, told me ” what you call ”  HH relays / lesions ” is a big zero… they are nothing more than  aring artifact , namely due to a detector  fault.” No comment.
  3. ORGAN – target: is depending not by WHAT but by HOW did the patient perceive the conflict DHS: for instance the wife walks in on her husband with her best friend; now if their conjugal relation is still under the sign of love, we deal with a sexual frustration conflict and the organ target will be the uterus; if the two married partners were found beyond any love, prepared to divorce, we deal with a partner conflict and the organ target will be the right breast ( for the right handed woman, or left breast for the left handed one).

Breast Cancer

According to Dr. Hamer, the GNM recognizes two distinct types of breast cancer:

  1. Adenoid mammary carcinoma (glandular breast cancer = GBC) appears as a solid, compact lump. The Hamer generator is in this case: DHS conflict as worry type affecting children, mother or nest (expulsion from nest); relay HH is cerebellum and tumor will derived from “ old mesoderm germ layer”. For instance a right handed mother who accidentally drops the kid, this suffering severe head trauma, will experience a glandular breast cancer to the left breast with the following biological meaning: the Nature started the proliferation of the left breast cells to optimize the healing of the kid by increasing the milk volume more than normal. The tumor will grow (as well as milk production) as long as the conflict persists. When the kid becomes well, the active phase of the conflict ends, followed by the mother’s healing (conflictolysis), the tumor being dissolved by TB ( tubercular bacteria ) if they exist, and if they are lacking the tumor is encapsulated, persisting without breaking down and often without disturbing
  2. Milk duct carcinoma ( intraductal breast cancer, IBC) : is almost unperceived in the active phase of the conflict. DHS (the conflict – shock) is always a separation of children, mother, and partner with the following biological meaning: my kid (mother, partner) was ruptured from my breast. HH will be localized on the brain in the area of cerebral (sensorial) cortex, the cancer being derived from “ectodermal germ layer”.  Conversely to the GBC case ( where the natural reaction was to grow the tissue) this time Nature decides to diminish the tissue (painfully) involved in separation resulting in ulceration of the breast, characteristic to the active phase of the conflict. As soon as the conflict is resolved the tissue starts the healing / repairing phase under the form of some swelling / growing of the epithelial squamous cells, resembling a “ tumor ” which the modern surgeon hastily ….removes it (though the patient is/was  in a spontan healing phase ! ).  Laterality rules are applied rigorously in this case too: a right handed woman who suffered a separation conflict with her partner ( including a business partner! ) will respond at level of the right breast and conversely.


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